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Start Today interested in growing your solar business
while managing your expenses?
South Texas Solar System’s Dealer
Program means business.

Thank you for your interest in our dealer program.

We are partnering with other solar install companies across Texas for residential and commercial opportunities. The dealer program allows you to focus and scale your business in a way that helps your bottom line. We understand the operational costs that come along with expanding the solar business. Hiring, training & keeping the Operations, Installation, Planning & Coordination staffing it requires Let us do the installation for you. That’s right – our dealer program is flexible, menu pricing can adapt to your business need.
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Flexible packages

The basic package includes the following:
  • Solar Panel & Equipment installation only
  • Permitting
  • Coordination with the utility company for inspections, etc
This package includes the above and also includes:
    • Access to favorable financing for the entire deal
    • Panels
    • Battery back up
    • Generators
    • EV charging units
    • Financing can add appeal to future and previous customers and drive your future sales.
We have a variety of “adders’ that include:
  • Special trenching
  • Panel Retrofit
  • Meter de-rate
  • New & Relocate Meterloop
  • Ground mount installations
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • And much more

South Texas Solar System’s Dealer Program

If you are interested in growing your solar business while managing your expenses, please fill out the form below and we will schedule an introduction meeting to review the program, answer your questions and discuss next steps.


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