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Solar Panels FAQ



When will my payments start?

This can be answered by contacting the finance company your project was approved through. It may also depend on the type of loan you have received. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to give us a call immediately and we will help walk you through the process.

What does my offset mean?

Your proposed offset is based on your yearly demand and an estimated yearly annual production from the solar system. For example, if you had an annual usage of 10Kwh’s and we sent you a proposal for a system that said 80% offset, your system will have an estimated yearly production of 8 Kwhs.

Do my panels work on cloudy days?

Yes, they do! Although your solar system will not produce as much on a cloudy day, your solar system will still have a good amount of production. (Hint) Turn off that A/C Unit and open those windows to let in those cool breezes.

How often do I need to keep my panels clean?

There are two factors when answering this question, the location and the previous weather conditions the panels have been through. Rain will usually wash off any physical debris (leaves, twigs, dirt) that may be on the solar panels. With a quick visual inspection, one can see if you need to clean your solar panels. If you do, give us a call and we can schedule a cleaning and inspection twice a year for the first five years.

Do my solar panels work when the grid turns off?

Unless your system contains a battery backup system or off-grid, your system will turn off when the grid goes down.

Do I pay my utility bills & loans?

This is a tricky question to answer and depends on your system size and offset. In simpler terms, yes you will be paying both but the price between the two products will still have savings compared to your one energy bill. The page “How to read my bill” has more information on this question.

What if hail storm damages my panels?

Your solar panels are designed to withstand outside elements including hailstorms. If an unfortunate accident happens, we have affordable warranty pricing for customers that have already bought from us. You can also put a claim on it on your home warranty as well.

Does the warranty cover my roof?

No, the warranty does not cover any problems with the roof, only the solar system. The warranty pages will go into more detail about this subject.

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