Solar Panel Systems for Homes or Business

Solar energy is used more than any other renewable because it is a cost-effective investment. Solar power in Texas is happening right now with new or used solar panels.

That’s right. Did you know you can reuse a solar panel system for reusable energy?

Solar panel systems for homes or businesses are built with a lifespan of 30 years and likely a 25-year warranty.

South Texas Solar Systems Inc. inspires, which is why we donated 12 used thin-film solar panels to the Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering last fall.

The Academy is a charter school located in the Brookside of San Antonio.

Their physics department will utilize the solar panels through a “garden project” with guidance from AP Physics teacher Mr. Jeremy Rios, along with expertise from STSS specialists and Master Electrician Stephan Engel.

STEM Instructional Specialist, Mr. Thomas Hernandez hopes to also utilize the solar panels to create a solar drip irrigation system for the garden project and a solar charging station.

Ideally, the solar panels will be installed as an off-grid system. The remaining parts needed for such project are the charge controller, inverter and batteries.

 Low voltage solar cells are good to use for such projects. Solar panel system uses are countless, even if used. Don’t buy a used solar panel system if it has not been approved by a solar specialist.

  Solar panel systems for home or commercial use are a cost-effective investment. 

At the moment we are not receiving any solar panels for recycling.