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When you purchase a home, is it the best or the worst one?

Chances are, the best one! So, when homeowners are in the market for the best solar power companies, they look for experience, honesty, and work quality.

Those three key points can help homeowners find the best solar power companies.

In the case that a homeowner is looking for a Panasonic Solar Elite Installer, which alone can make that, particular company the best.

Another case is when a homeowner already has a solar panel system installed and the original installer up and vanishes, so now that homeowner finds themselves in need of service and maintenance.

The best solar power companies will be local and offer system/battery servicing and solar panel cleaning as a qualified service.

There are even the best solar power companies, who specialize in solar + battery storage.

Homeowners who are familiar with the process of using solar power to run their home appliances know that if a power outage were to occur at night (when there is no sunlight to make power), those appliances would not work.

Except, now there is battery storage that you can add to your system or request with your new system to help you feel safe even during a power outage. By storing the excess power from the sun on a given day, the system creates extra power and sends it to your battery for use during the night or during an outage.

Homeowners are continuing to experience the benefits of owning a solar panel system. While the Federal Tax Credit has decreased, it remains useful to those going solar right now.

The benefits from incentives and rebates are among the benefits homeowners implemented into owning their system.

By trusting in the best solar company, you receive all the proper information in guiding you to receiving any incentives or rebates in your area.

If you or someone you know is in the market for going solar, South Texas Solar Systems has been serving south Texas since 2007.

Experience the power of going solar.

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If you’re not familiar with the world of solar energy, you might not realize that not all solar panels are quite the same. In reality, there are plenty of features in residential solar panels that you have to think about before making a purchase. Some of these are general advantages that solar energy provides, while others are specific to solar panel models and manufacturers. Indeed, you can find plenty of different solar panels in Texas, and making the right choice isn’t always easy.

There are features that might make your upgrade to solar energy more expensive, while others are necessary for specific climates. All in all, you need to know the basics of what makes solar panels cost-effective in order to make a smart purchase. And with that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the most important features that you should keep in mind!

Brand Value

Obviously, just as with any other product, there are plenty of different brands of solar panels that you can choose from. And the manufacturing origins are definitely one of the essential features in residential solar panels in Texas to take into account. Indeed, Austin solar installers can put in all kinds of brands. 

The trade-off is pretty self-explanatory here; more renowned manufacturers are likely to jack up prices based on brand recognition. On the other hand, cheaper companies can guarantee quality up to a lesser degree. In the end, it’s all a matter of how big of an initial investment you’re willing to make. Of course, the size of your investment depends on all kinds of factors.

For instance, if you’ve been living in the area for a while, you may be up for a bigger investment because you’ve got some money saved up. But if you’re just about to find a home in San Antonio and settle down, chances are that the costs of relocating to a new home may leave you less inclined towards premium solar panel models. 

Low Upkeep

One of the best things about solar panels, in general, is that they don’t require extensive maintenance when you install them once. You only need to perform yearly checkups with professionals. At that point, you can also give the solar panels some cleaning. After all, a spotless surface allows the solar cells to function as intended. But yes, solar panels don’t have any extensive moving parts — increasing their durability. 

Power Reliability

One of the crucial features in residential solar panels in Texas is that they’re a reliable source of energy for your household. After all, you can count on the sun rising and setting each day. And seeing as we have exact meteorological and astronomical data on the sun’s movement, we can always have a rough estimate on how much solar energy panels will be able to harness in a given area.

Of course, the effectiveness of solar panels will, by and large, depend on where you live. So, if solar energy is important to you, before choosing a new home and relocating with the help of evolutionmovingdfw.com, make sure that the area gets plenty of sunshine hours.

No Noise Pollution

When people talk about the advantages of solar energy and South Texas solar systems, they generally focus on how good this is for the environment. Obviously, there’s virtually no pollution when we compare solar to fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Most other generators and power plants create some sort of pollution. 

But what we don’t think about is the fact that solar panels are advantageous even among other green technologies. For instance, wind turbines create quite a lot of noise pollution, just like hydroelectricity technology. On the other hand, solar panels are completely silent, functioning without bothering anyone. 

Space Is Not An Issue

Many people worry about whether they’ll have enough space on their roofs for solar panels. But in reality, one of the critical features in residential solar panels is the fact that they don’t take up much room. Not only will you not require a big roof, you technically won’t need a roof in the first place. However, mounting panels on a roof is generally considered to be the best practice; they get more sunshine than the ground, and it’s square footage you’re not using for anything else. 

The only thing you need to think about here is whether your roof is in proper condition. Before installing solar panels, you’ll have to inspect your roof for any fixes that have to be made beforehand, or any construction faults. Though, the good news is — solar panels actually help protect your rooftop once you install them. When they’re up, they become something of a barrier that shields the roof from the elements and the heat. Many folks served by some of the best solar companies in Texas report that their insulation has improved after putting in solar panels. 

Financial Incentives

Among the most important features in residential solar panels, we must not disregard financial incentives as well. And we’re not just talking about the savings on your energy bills. In addition to that, you should know that there are tax credits provided by the government for solar homeowners. Over time, this tax incentive is bound to reduce as solar becomes more and more popular, so the time to go with solar panels is definitely now!


As you can see, there are some considerations to make before choosing and installing your solar panels in Texas. However, the number of upsides and positive features definitely make the investment worth it for practically everyone.

It is one thing to have your normalcy taken away, but it is another to have your lights go out when it is crucial to keep them on. Most of you reading this will likely already have home solar systems.

But did you know, solar panel systems can be turned into a total home energy solar system with battery storage? 

Here’s more good news.

Battery storage is accessible and affordable, and can also provide more than one use.

A great example is with the Panasonic EverVolt energy storage battery for home solar systems because “you can store your excess solar power for when you need it most or sell your surplus energy back to your local utility”, according to Panasonic.

So why settle for the option of having a power outage occur at home when you can make home solar systems a complete package?

You don’t have to settle. You can always add on to your home solar systems.


Financing or speaking with your local solar contractor is how you can find the most affordable way to add on battery storage.

While you may already have a solar panel system, perhaps, Panasonic HIT modules, you know from your local solar contractor that those are the most high-performing solar panels in the market.

Now Panasonic is pairing their high-performing solar panels with lithium-ion battery technology. Panasonic explained, “EverVolt features a modular design and is available in AC- and DC-coupled versions, offering a flexible solution optimized for homeowners’ energy needs and budgets.”

And just like the Panasonic HIT modules offer you a warranty; you also receive a warranty for the EverVolt battery, which is a 10-year product and performance Panasonic warranty.

In the case that you do not have Panasonic HIT modules, you are still in luck because the Panasonic-engineered storage system is compatible with any home solar system or inverter.

Find out more from your local solar contractor today and keep the power in your home.

If you want your business to save money, we recommend you install COMMERCIAL SOLAR PANELS.

[South Texas Solar Systems] is one of the most trusted solar energy installers in Texas. Some of our SOLAR PANEL BUSINESS installations can be found at pioneer businesses like H-E-B and Tesla Car Dealerships. You’re probably wondering why should your business go solar? Today, more than ever, businesses of all sizes and sectors are going solar for the following three reasons. 

1) Save on electricity bills

BUSINESSES USING SOLAR ENERGY will increase their savings and reduce their electric bill, drastically. Companies that are not using COMMERCIAL SOLAR PANELS are throwing away money. In other words, they’re basically renting their light instead of owning it. That said, the more you can generate your own power, the more you’ll be saving. The long-term solar savings for a business are substantial compared to what you would be paying the utility company. The savings that people get from going solar are all dependent on how much energy your business uses. But one thing is for sure, that you will get your ROI, no matter what and that is a fact.

2) Locked in electricity price for decades

SOLAR POWER in BUSINESSES give owners control over the volatile rates that the light companies increase year after year.  Most don’t notice the increases on the cost your light company charges, because they do it subtly. Plus, there is no escaping those unexpected hidden fee charges. 

3) Benefit from incentives – The Federal solar tax credit

The investment tax credit (ITC) also known as the federal solar tax credit is worth 26% of your total system’s cost.

That means, you can deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM FOR BUSINESS purposes from your federal taxes and there is no limit on its value. In fact, the federal solar tax credit of 2020 is the final year you can claim the full 26%. Which means more money for your business, faster ROI and greater profits for you.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and as soon as January 2021, that ITC will lower to 22% of your total system’s costs. Moreover, in January 2022, this ITC for COMMERCIAL SOLAR PANEL projects will decrease to a mere 10%. 

We also offer our customers the options on where they can install their SOLAR PANELS FOR COMMERCIAL energy.

Although most SOLAR PANELS FOR BUSINESSES get placed on the rooftop, we also offer our customers the option of placing their solar panels on a large parking shade structure or an off-grid system.

It all depends if they have available land adjacent to their place of business.

If you are ready to learn more about how solar will increase your savings and reduce your electric bill, request a [Free Estimate] and learn how much your business can save with solar.


Are you thinking about installing solar panels in San Antonio?

This is a sunny area, which means that you can expect to get your money’s worth from making such an investment.

However, we should point out that, as smart of a move as that may be — the quality of your solar panels will largely depend upon the solar company you choose in the very beginning.

Naturally, most people who start considering solar panel installation aren’t exactly experts in the field.

Therefore, knowing how to negotiate and what kind of questions to ask a company that you’ll potentially hire is crucial.

And sure, some of them will depend upon the specifics of your home. However, there are some general points that everyone should talk about with their solar company, which is precisely what we’ll explore here today! 

Do They Have Their Own Panels?

Before you decide to hire a company for their services when installing solar panels in San Antonio, you should ask the people who are working there if they’ve got their solar panels on their own roofs — and what type of system they have, if so.

Most reputable solar companies employ people who are knowledgeable about solar energy and utilize it themselves as well. 

Ask these people where they live as well — if you decide to move from the city in the future to a more suburban area, chances are that you’ll have different lighting conditions there. 

What’s The Most Cost Effective System?

When you’re choosing a solar panel system, it’s a process that’s more complicated than the average layman would tell you.

It’s not all about matching the electricity output to your current electric bill. 

If a solar company is going to provide you with the best possible system of panels for your household, they’ll need some information.

For instance, they’ll want to know about your energy usage patterns on a household level. Also, they’ll want to check out the angle and solar orientation of your home’s roof, in regards to the sun.

Depending on the usage patterns, they’ll determine the ballpark of surplus energy that your household might provide to the wider grid. 

All of this information is needed while making a professional estimate in regards to your home’s size — which will be the main determining factor for your price.

That brings us back to your communication with the solar company; if you notice that they boast of the pricing being the matter of a back of the napkin calculation, steer clear of them and look for another provider. 

Licensing Questions

When you’re picking a company for installing solar panels in San Antonio — or anywhere else, for that matter — you need to make sure that you’re working with bona fide professionals.

This means that it’s a company with licensed and experienced contractors. Usually, a solar company needs to have a license provided by the state and city or county in which the company operates. Apart from that, high-quality contractors are usually bonded and insured, too. 

Those legal questions aside, you also want to see if the company has the necessary experience.

Ask them for how many years they’ve been working in the solar industry. The last thing you want to be is a training exercise for inexperienced contractors. 

Ask About Roof Inspections

As we’ve already said above, a high-quality solar company will make a professional estimate based on a variety of factors, including a thorough roof inspection.

Before the company does any actual work, they’ll need to make sure that your roof can successfully withstand solar panels. 

There are many situations where the age and condition of a roof require that it’s replaced before any company can install solar panels on it. 

Also, you want to ask about the specific kind of work the company will be doing while installing solar panels in San Antonio.

For instance — seeing as your roof will need to hold racks on which the panels lay, there is bound to be some drilling. Talk to your contractors about the equipment and specific materials that they plan on using. You don’t want to deal with leaks once a rain hits.

Energy Discrepancies

Most solar companies will give you some sort of estimate regarding the annual output of electric energy that your panels should produce.

When that happens, make sure to talk about potential discrepancies; more specifically, ask the solar company about what the procedure is if their estimate isn’t met in practice. 

There are different options in such a situation.

For example, a solar company might offer to install additional panels with a discount or for free. On the other hand, they may offer reimbursement for the lacking performance of your solar panel system. 

Whatever the solution may be, this is something you want to learn about in advance. 

What About Relocation?

Realistically speaking, plenty of people don’t end up living in a single place for the entirety of their lives.

That’s why we recommend thinking about the possibility of relocation to a new home in advance, even if you’re not planning on doing so at the moment. There are different options here. You could relocate your panels to your new home. Or, the lease for your solar panels may simply be transferred to the next person who ends up owning your home. 

However, if the new homeowner can’t qualify after their credit score is checked out, your solar company will probably be able to remove the panels from the house; in that case, your contract will be terminated. 

What you want to ask your solar company before they even install the panels in the first place is — will you have to pay an additional fee if you want to remove the panels or transfer them to a new owner? This is the sort of stuff you want to consider well enough in advance. 

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