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For some time, the notion of installing solar panels has been a hot topic among American homeowners — and Texas is no exception in that regard.

The laymen’s consensus is that solar energy panels are great at cutting down on your expenses — but how does all of this actually work? Is it worth it to make this sort of investment in your home? We’ll explore the advantages of solar energy in Texas thoroughly below! 

The Economics of Solar Panels in Texas

During a previous couple of years, solar energy and panels have become a part of mainstream culture. There are a couple of facts that just about everyone knows about solar energy:

  • It really works
  • It’s trustworthy
  • It pays off
  • It’s eco-friendly

These four things are enough for a lot of people to be convinced of the advantages of solar energy in Texas.

But many remember reading about solar panels more than ten years ago and deeming them too expensive for the average homeowner.

What has changed since then, and why is solar energy in Texas suddenly more affordable?

Affordable Solar Energy

In reality, this isn’t something that’s specific to Texas; it’s the consequence of a trend that’s been going on since 2009 all across the country. In that year, the price of manufacturing a solar panel started dropping significantly; in a large part due to the development of bigger manufacturing capacities that allowed a more efficient production cycle. 

However, another big factor that led to solar panels in Texas becoming cheaper is the fall of prices on crystalline silicon; the main material used to manufacture a single solar cell.

And because of this, the ROI (return on investment) on any kind of solar energy investment has increased substantially. In the past, the manufacturing cost for a solar panel made up an incredible 60% of the installation expenses; today, that number is down to less than 30% on average. 

This sort of affordability has made solar energy viable for the average Texan homeowner — especially when we consider the safety of the investment. In fact, think about it — any kind of energy investment depends on the source of energy. And what’s more secure than the Sun? 

In comparison, traditional power companies seem to be a far less secure choice. If you were to move to your new green Texas hometown and decide to go with a power company, that’s an option as well; but you need to bear another thing in mind — price elasticity of demand. 

Price Elasticity of Demand

There are many principles and measures that influence and govern supply and demand on any market — and solar panels are no exception in that regard. In this specific example, the price elasticity of demand is something important to understand. 

This is a measure that quantifies how changes in price influence the demand for a certain product or service. And yeah, all of that may seem too wordy — so let’s put it in simpler terms.

Let’s say that Netflix changed its price so that their service costs double what it costs now. It’s very likely that people would stop subscribing because that’s just too steep.

Conversely, think about what would happen if oil prices soared in the same manner. Sure, people would be devastated — but most of them would still buy gas for their cars because they need it to get around. 

Gas prices have low price elasticity because the changes in prices don’t influence consumer demand — this is mostly true for elementary goods and services, including power.

On the other hand, online streaming services are something people can do without — so such services have high price elasticity because it influences demand substantially. 

But how does low price elasticity for power utilities affect solar panels in Texas? It makes them the most secure type of investment when it comes to power.

Sure, buying power from an electrical utility company may be simpler and may require less of an upfront cost; but what’s to stop utility companies from raising their prices in the next ten years? And there would be nothing you could do about it — at the end of the day, you need electricity in your home. 

Installing solar panels allows you to be more self-sufficient, and less reliant on external economic factors. This is definitely a long-term investment, but one that is the likeliest to pay off. 

Lower Operating Costs

Every home is accompanied by a number of operating costs — including insurance, property tax, maintenance, and payments for utilities. These can vary greatly depending on your home’s location, age, and size. 

On average, utility payments represent at least 10% of your annual operating costs — a lot of which consists of your payments to a power company. If you install solar panels in Texas, your costs in this regard will go down significantly over the course of the next five years. 

Tax Reductions

Apart from giving you long-term savings, one of the advantages of solar energy in Texas is the federal tax incentive you get. Since 2015, you can get an energy tax credit as a homeowner who uses solar panels.

If the property where you’re installing solar panels is your residence, the extends up to 26% of your installation costs for the solar panel. 

A Greener Environment

Finally, the benefits found in using solar panels in Texas aren’t just related to your personal finances.

At the end of the day, solar power is a form of clean energy — and using it means contributing to a healthier environment and a greener Earth; for both yourself and your children. 


There are plenty of advantages of solar energy in Texas and across the country as well — you’d do well to jump on the solar power train as soon as possible!

You already know all of the benefits that renewable energy brings to the environment.

But have you heard the reasons that incentivize Texans to get solar energy? We’ll briefly discuss the Texas solar incentives below.

1) Raising the value of your property.

Solar panels will help you with raising the value of your property

Solar panel power not only helps you slash your electricity bill, it also helps adds value to your home.

It depends on various factors, but overall, most homeowners with solar panels see an increase of around 4% on their home’s value. If you ask us, that is a huge incentive to get solar power in Texas.

2) The solar output in Texas is excellent.

Another reason why Texas Solar Power incites homeowners to switch to renewable energy is that the solar output in Texas is excellent.

Mathematically, the ROI of installing a solar system is excellent here in Texas, mostly because we get sunshine all year round. However, in other areas that don’t receive a lot of sun throughout the year, the ROI is still good, but not as good as if it had all the sunshine we get in Texas.

Additionally, if your solar panels cover 100% of your Kilowatt usage, you may be able to sell back any additional energy back to the utility company. 

3) The rising cost of electricity provides a strong incentive to switch to solar energy.

In this paragraph, we’ll go over why the rising cost of electricity provides more than enough encouragement for Texans to switch to solar.

First of all, you must know that your electric utility company is a monopoly and the government regulates how much they can increase their rate.

As a result, a lot of utility companies usually raise their rate on average 8%-12% (or more), year after year. Which means that next year, your light bill will be 8%-12% higher than it is now. Moreover, the 2nd year after that, your light bill will be 16% – 24% higher than it is now. Fast-forward to 5 years from now and you’re looking to see an increase of 40% or more on your light bill.

And so on and so forth, for the rest of your life! On the other hand, the price of installing solar panels on your roof are lower than ever and you’re locked into your fixed rate. Yet another reason why Texas Solar Energy is the best solution.

4) The government offers special tax solar energy incentives for Texas homeowners for switching to solar.

The 2020 investment tax credit (ITC) [THE SOLAR ENERGY FEDERAL TAX CREDIT] rewards smart homeowners with a  26% tax credit for investing in solar energy. This credit can be used to pay off your taxes or it can be used to pay down the balance on your solar system project cost. This ITC of 26% will expire at the end of 2020.

Moreover, this incentive will be reduced to 21% in 2021 and completely disappear in 2022. That said, there is no better time for homeowners to go solar to take advantage of the federal tax credit to help pay for a solar power system. 

Ask us about our zero upfront cost and three months without paying promo! If that offer hasn’t convinced you, tell me what do you think about our 25 year protection warranty, free maintenance and cleaning service? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting a free solar quote.

In South Texas Solar Systems Inc. we have been renovating our solar system with the best brands of the market like Tesla, Panasonic, Axitec and many more! Moreover, we offer the most professional service with one purpose in mind, to serve our clients the best way possible and offer them the best possible price. 

Get your free quote and eliminate from 75% to 100% of your electric bill and start generating your free, renewable and high-quality electricity with the solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems Inc.

Not sure which solar panels are best for your home or business? Let’s take a look at some of the high-quality brands offered in south Texas. Keep in mind efficiency and performance are factors you WANT to become aware of with any solar panel. 

Solar panels technology is harnessed through photovoltaics, also called PV, which is a process of converting light to electricity. When solar manufactures are building solar panels they are implementing semiconductors, which are either crystalline silicon or thin-film material. 

According to the seia.org website, “Silicon cells are more efficient at converting sunlight to electricity but generally have higher manufacturing costs. Thin-film materials typically have lower efficiencies, but can be simpler and less costly to manufacture.”

Reflecting on efficiency and which solar panels are best for your seasonal temperatures is smart and can ease your selection process. 

A good example of panel efficiency is through the Panasonic photovoltaic module HIT N330/N325. One of Panasonic’s competitive advantages is that as the south Texas temperatures increase, the PV module continues to perform at high levels due to temperature coefficient.

Another good example is through the solar panel brand AXITEC, a high quality German solar panel brand. The manufacturer’s power output is through using mono-crystalline high-efficiency cells. Mono-crystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels are both made from silicon cells. 

A local solar installation company can carry more than one performance nominal output solar panel from the same manufacturer. 

When determining which solar panels are best, efficiency and performance are not to be overlooked, instead examined through data sheets that are provided to you through your solar installation company. 

Find out which solar panels are best and get installed by a certified solar installer. If you aren’t sure about what solar panel brand to choose, ask your solar sales representative to provide you with more than one quote and to include different brands. 

Adding solar panels to your homes has become a popular trend for the past few years. Homeowners realized the advantages of solar energy in Texas and decided not to waste any more time or money on other solutions. Utilizing solar energy is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your household running. With that in mind, let’s look at what makes solar energy use in Texas so popular!

You can cut your energy bills in half

First and foremost, your energy bill will be substantially lower if you start using solar energy in Texas. Being a sunny state most of the year, it is the perfect setting for solar panels. To further improve their effectiveness, do an energy audit, and check if you need to insulate your house better.

If you think that the price might be an issue, think again. Have in mind that the electricity cost over the years only goes up. If you invest money and start using solar energy, you will discover that solar panels are an affordable solution down the road. That takes me to my second point.

No need to worry about the rise in the electricity price

It is a fact that an electric company can raise prices without any problems. People are still going to use electricity, so that’s a market that allows for sudden changes for the worse. If you look at the history of electricity bills from a few years back up till today, you will find noticeable increases in the cost of the electricity.

With solar panels, your worries stop now!

Where is all the extra money coming from?

A couple of months after you first install solar panels, you will notice that your electricity bills are lower. Additionally, more money will stay in the house. You may even ask yourself how come you have more money than you used to!

The use of solar energy allows you to manage your finances better, and allocate more money to other parts of your household.

Think about our planet!

More and more people are becoming aware of the situation with how our planet is being treated. One of the advantages of solar energy in Texas, and all across the United States, is that it helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

It is clean energy for our future!

Solar energy as a solution to a power outage

When a power outage occurs, you must wait for the system to come back up. Any appliance that runs on electricity is out of use. Well, one of the advantages of solar energy in Texas is that you don’t have to worry about power outages anymore. Simply add a solar-charged battery backup to your solar grid, and you are set to go!

Thinking about selling the place?

If your goal is to sell your home at a higher value, solar panels will help you with raising the value of your property. They are one of the top 10 features that make your home more expensive.

It is no secret that homebuyers across the United States are looking for eco homes. More and more people are slowly finding their way to Texas, since it is such a fertile land for the use of solar energy.

With that in mind, if you were planning on making a sale, now is the time!

I want to install solar panels, but I will be moving next year. Why bother?

I get your point. Solar panels will cost money, and once you move to your new place you will have to buy them again.

Well, I already spoke about the option of selling the house at a higher value and making a profit. However, there is also a second option. If you like using solar energy so much, you can simply relocate solar panels to your new home.

Even though it might sound scary, moving solar panels is doable if you know what you are doing. I understand that you might be afraid they might get damaged during the transport. However, if you hire reliable movers, your relocation will go without any issues.

Do not waste your time, install solar panels now, and start saving money so you can use it for the upcoming relocation!

Finding quality movers

I want to spend a couple of minutes to talk about the importance of quality movers. If you decide to move your solar panels, you must be sure they are in good hands. You have invested a lot of money in them, and risking their safety should not be a possibility.

With that in mind, you should always work with a moving company that has a lot of experience and satisfied customers, like evolutionmovingdfw.com.

What about the maintenance cost?

I hear your concerns. Thanks to the development of solar technology, maintaining solar panels is now easier than ever. You can install a digital board to keep track of any changes that might cause issues and deal with them in time.

Furthermore, cleaning solar panels is also a piece of cake. You can either wait for the rain or simply give them a good rinse with a hose once every few days. That’s all!

Best of all, solar panels are built to last. If you check with the manufacturer, you will see that they give a 25-year warranty on solar panels.

A few final words

Let me do a quick summary of all the benefits of solar panels:

  • your energy bills are lowered
  • more money stays in the house
  • solar panels help you reduce the carbon footprint and protect our planet
  • no more worrying about power outages
  • the value of your home goes up
  • they are affordable and easy to maintain
  • solar panels are built to last

As you can see, there are many advantages of solar energy in Texas. With that in mind, do not waste a minute more, and equip your household with clean, renewable energy today!

The weather said “Not today” to the SpaceX launch on May 27, but the mission is rescheduling Demo-2 to launch May 30, from the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

Did you know SpaceX operates from four different locations? Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex and Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex both located in Florida, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, and South Texas Launch Site in Texas (approximately 22 miles was of Brownsville).

SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk, whose mission on the SpaceX website states, “You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great – and that’s what being a spacefaring civilization is all about. It’s about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than in the past. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars.” Musk founded SpaceX in 2002. 

So, why are we telling you about SpaceX? 

On April 10, 2020, South Texas Solar Systems, a Tesla Energy affiliated sub-contractor finalized the expansion of a 149kW photovoltaic (PV) ground mount for SpaceX at the South Texas Launch Site. “The system serves as an addition to an existing 450kW PV ground mount. The output from both systems is used to power the SpaceX facility in this area,” said South Texas Solar Systems Commercial Project Manager, Daniel Hudson. 

The finalized expansion of the commercial solar panels included, 422 Trina 345 Watt solar modules, 1 SMA peak 125-kilowatt inverter, and Solarflex racking. 

The solar industry and Musk are aiming for the future and that means commercial solar panels can help us get there.

Once the SpaceX mission launches this month (hopefully), the thought of knowing what type of technology took place to get us there is extraordinary. 

The company STSS, has been installing commercial solar panels all throughout south Texas for more than 11 years. Solar panels for businesses continues to grow in popularity, due to the federal incentives and utility rebates (if any).

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