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Going green is becoming more and more popular all around the world.

People are starting to recycle more and looking into using cleaner energy. However, many people think going ‘eco-friendly’ is daunting or have the wrong idea about it. Here are some simple ways to make your Texas home more eco-friendly.

Replace your light bulbs with LEDs

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, consume only a fraction of a regular bulb’s electricity. They also last much longer and don’t produce heat. Replacing the lightbulbs around your house will make it more eco-friendly and save you money on the electricity bill.

You don’t have to immediately replace all your lightbulbs with LEDs right away, however. Start with the rooms around your house where your lights turn on the most. The living room and the kitchen are a great start. You can later move on to the bathroom, the hallway, and the outside porch light. 

Recycling in your home

That is as simple as getting a trash separation trashcan and placing it in your home. It is an easy and fun way for your family to learn about recycling. You can create a ‘recycling hub’ in your kitchen. That is the area around the house where most waste is produced. If you don’t want to invest in a specialized separation trashcan, you can purchase two or three smaller ones and label them. You can separate recyclable materials, such as glass or paper, from biodegradable materials. 

In addition, you can create your compost station. Composting involves separating biodegradable waste, such as food leftovers, eggshells, peels, etc., into a separate bin. Compost makes soil much richer. Therefore, if you have a garden, you can make it much healthier and free! Most of the compost material you would throw away anyway. This way, you can turn it into something useful and eco-friendly.

Making use of the solar energy

There is nothing better than attaching solar panels to your home and letting them do their work and provide power to your house. Another thing that makes solar panels great is that they are detachable. If you are planning to move to Texas and your current home already has solar panels, you can bring them with you and reinstall them!

With so many clear and sunny days, Texas is a perfect location to use solar panels. They will allow you to reliably gather solar energy all year long, saving you a lot of money in the long run. It is one of the best ways to make your Texas home more eco-friendly.

However, when relocating your old panels, the Evolution Moving Company DFW experts advise contacting a moving company beforehand. Solar panels are fragile, so you’ll need to notify the moving company that you are planning to bring them. Professional movers will know how to safely deliver solar panels to your new home.

A man installing one of the best ways to make your Texas home more eco-friendly, the solar panels.
Solar panels are easy to install and are a great way to make your Texas home more eco-friendly.

Using natural cleaning products

Many store-bought cleaning products contain chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. Not to mention that they all come in plastic containers, further increasing pollution. That is where natural products come in as one of the ways to make your Texas home more eco-friendly.

Natural cleaning products are easy to find, affordable, and multi-purposeful. Lemons and vinegar are among the top natural cleaning products and are used even by professionals. They are also excellent stain removers that won’t damage your furniture. 

A pile of lemons
Lemons are an excellent natural cleaning product and smell great!

Get more energy-efficient appliances

Check the electrical devices around your home. If you have some that are over ten years old, chances are they are not as energy efficient. That involves items like your stove, refrigerator, HVAC system, oven, and many other larger appliances. 

These are the primary energy consumers in your home. Replacing them with energy-efficient appliances, such as those that carry the Energy Star label, will help immensely. In reality, you may not even need some electrical appliances when moving to Texas. You don’t need a clothes dryer when you can simply hang your clothes to dry outside in the sun. Your electricity bill will be lower while making your home eco-friendlier. 

Moving to Texas with family gives you a perfect opportunity to sell or get rid of your energy-inefficient appliances and start over confidently. It will also reduce your overall inventory, making your move cheaper. 

Get a more eco-friendly showerhead

About a third of your household water consumption comes from the shower alone. To conserve water, consider installing a low-flow shower head. While regular showerheads use around two-and-a-half gallons of water per minute, low-flow showerheads reduce it to two gallons per minute. Among the ways to make your Texas home more eco-friendly, it can’t get easier than this. As a bonus, your water bill will also be lower!

Saving water via a low-flow showerhead is both simple and effective.

Check for drafts

Your windows and doors may be drafty. That will cause hot air to escape your home while letting the cold air inside. A drafty house takes a lot more energy to keep warm, drastically increasing your electricity bill. Check for drafts and insulate your doors and windows as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are so many ways to make your Texas home more eco-friendly. Many of them are quite simple and affordable. Going eco-friendly is not just good for the environment, but it also saves you a lot of money. You may have noticed that most of the things covered here positively affect your bills. Whether through energy or water consumption reduction, going eco-friendly benefits you and your environment.

Owning solar panels brings many benefits to the table.

A home well-equipped with solar panels can represent an ideal and efficient prospect that benefits not only owners but the environment as well. Owning solar panels in Texas represents a perfect way to save money. This is primarily because Texas has so many sunny days throughout the year, so you will spend way less on utility bills. On top of that, solar panels system is relatively easy to install and protects the environment. Maintenance, on the other hand, is not such an easy endeavor. This becomes especially tricky if you tend to do it on your own. There can be many pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when cleaning your solar panels. 

Cleaning your solar panels

Before you pick up the brush and start scrubbing your solar panels, there are a few things to know. According to experts at txsolarsystems.com, you must prepare for this process. Preparation can consist of these critical steps:

  • take reliable shoes
  • take a reliable ladder
  • grab a large bucket
  • use extended hose
  • use soft sponges

These fundamental elements are crucial to thoroughly and properly cleaning your solar panels. They are also tools that will make your general solar panel cleaning routine a breeze. Solar panels in Texas need proper and constant treatment, and this is how you will deliver.

Avoid the mistake of using a cleaning soap when cleaning

One of the most common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your solar panels in Texas is to use cleaning soap. Cleaning soap is a detergent that may seem like a good idea to use and scrub the panels, but it can be very misleading. Since solar panels are very fragile and are made of specific materials, using soap or detergent can significantly damage the panels. This, in turn, can lead to a significant decrease in panels’ capabilities of working properly or, even worse, lead to unrepairable damage. This is why you should avoid cleaning soap at all costs when cleaning solar panels.

Cleaning soaps and detergents
A common mistake to avoid when cleaning your solar panels is to use cleaning soaps and detergents.

Use the right tools and equipment when cleaning solar panels in Texas

To avoid any damage to solar panels and potentially also hurting yourself when cleaning the solar panels, use the proper equipment. Proper equipment can be a lifesaver in these situations. Using a squeegee, for example, is an equipment mistake to avoid since its somewhat rough materials can compromise the delicate panels of your system. The outcomes can vary, from light damages that can reduce work output to the bigger ones that can entail investing serious money in new panels. Also, another misuse of the equipment would be to leave the grime and push the dirt on it with your tools. Using abrasive tools and not letting the water dry are mistakes to avoid when cleaning your solar panels.

Of course, you also have another option at hand – calling in professionals. Think about it. If you were, let’s say, moving to Texas and looking for interstate movers, you would definitely get in touch with experts for the job. After all, that’s why they exist in the first place. Well, it shouldn’t be any different with solar panel cleaning. There’s always someone who can do it for you.

Not turning off the solar panel system power

Although this issue may sound funny to some, it is a very common problem that occurs during solar panel maintenance. Many people forget about the power supply when working in solar panel cleaning. This can be a big mistake that you have to avoid since the damages can be enormous. When cleaning, you can get water stuck in the parts of the frame only water can access, and it can get in contact with the current. This means that you will, almost 100% of the time, incur significant damages not only to the panels but to the whole system. You also endanger yourself in the process. This is why turning the power of the supply couple of minutes before you start cleaning is a must.

Turning the power system off.
Turn off your system power before the cleaning process to avoid damage.

Looking to move your solar panels?

Moving solar panels is a tricky endeavor. It requires a lot of patience and a touch of a sure hand. It is best left for professionals to handle it. Before moving your panels across the state, it can be a good strategy to find a suitable expert to help you. In that situation, relying on experts such as Best Cross Country Movers, which is a database that can help you locate and find expert movers most suitable for your cause anywhere in the US, is a good idea. 

A common mistake to avoid when cleaning your solar panels is not dressing accordingly

Dressing accordingly is the key to a successful solar panel cleaning process. Whether you have a roof or an off-grid solar panel system, you should take care of what you wear. Many dangers are lurking around for any that don’t follow the proper dress code. First of all, wearing appropriate rubber boots can help you avoid tripping and falling. It also protects you from electrical current. Use long sleeve pants and shirts and protective gloves. They can help you from not getting cut or getting into a direct connection to a current. A protective helmet can also help protect your head if you trip or fall. Safety is your primary concern when cleaning your solar panels.

Solar panel cleaning expert
Dress properly when cleaning your solar panels in Texas.

Cleaning solar panels in Texas is different than cleaning in other states. There are many mistakes to avoid when cleaning your solar panels. In this article, we have been discussing some of the most crucial and common mistakes most people make when beginning this process. While proper and regular cleaning is a vital part of every maintenance, staying safe and protected during this tough task is also very important. Use these findings to ease your cleaning experience.

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There are many myths surrounding solar power which are, frankly, untrue.

As most solar companies in Texas will tell you, there are facts to disprove all of them. These myths started when solar power systems were still completely new and managed to persist until today. And the truth is, a lot of people are avoiding solar power because of them. Myths such as solar panels only working in smaller households or not working during winter. So, today we’ve compiled a list of six common myths about solar power, which we will debunk.

1. Solar panels don’t work 24/7, and you’re left without energy at night

One of the most common myths about solar power that solar companies in Texas have to deal with is that, somehow, having solar panels installed will leave households without power at night. When you install solar panels, you’re still connected to the power grid, and your home will pull power from the grid when needed. Meaning there is never a situation when you’ll be left without power because of your solar panels. As a matter of fact, if the power grid ever fails, your solar panels will keep supplying power. If you go the extra mile and install batteries into your solar power system, any excess energy will be stored in them. So, solar power systems can protect you from power outages. This is an excellent reason to get residential solar power in your home.

A close-up of solar panels
Solar panels are less effective during winter because there’s less sun, but they still work.

2. Solar panels don’t work in winter

A lot of people tend to believe this myth for one reason or another, while it’s completely untrue. Yes, because there’s a lot more cloud cover, and days are shorted, which makes solar panels less effective overall. However, as long as there is sun, solar panels will work; as solar companies in Texas will tell you, this makes states which see a lot of sun even in winter a perfect fit for solar panels. So yes, overall, your solar panels are less effective during winter and generate less energy. But, they do continue working regardless, and on sunny days will be just as effective as usual. However, if you plan to move house at some point, experts from professionalmoverottawa.com note that solar panels need special protection when moving. So, keep this in mind when planning your move.

3. Solar panels are too expensive and can’t save you money

Some people would have you believe that solar panels are too expensive and will never pay off. However, as solar companies in Texas can confirm, solar panels are an investment. Yes, the up-front price can be pretty high depending on the kind and size of the system you want to be installed. However, solar panels pay off in the long run, and the longer you have them, the better. This is because solar panels reduce your bills and, in some cases, even outright negate your electricity bill. And this is only one of the financial benefits of installing solar panels. Of course, they do come with a degree of maintenance too, and to stay fully effective solar panels need to be regularly maintained. Regardless of that, however, they are very much worth the investment.

A person holding cash.
While the initial investment can be fairly expensive, solar panels always pay off in the long run.

4. Solar panels are only for eco-friendly houses

Some people believe that solar panels only belong to houses that want to be eco-friendly. However, the truth is most households get solar panels for financial benefits. The fact that solar power is eco-friendly is a bonus, but it’s typically not the reason why people go solar. And yes, states pushing for eco-friendliness and protecting the environment are also pushing solar panels. But, again, most people get involved simply because of financial reasons. And speaking of eco-friendliness, if you’re interested in going green, you should consider getting involved with eco-friendly storage solutions. If you need storage, you can make it more sustainable as well so that you also help protect the environment in the long run.

5. Solar panels are only good for small households

Now this one is just a lie that many people believe in. Solar panel systems can be just as effective in large households, if not more effective. The only thing that changes is the initial investment since larger houses need larger systems. At the end of the day, if you get enough solar panel coverage, your electricity bills will still get reduced. And because larger households tend to use more power anyway, the effect of the solar panels on the bills can be felt more clearly. Of course, the more solar panels you have, the more you have to worry about keeping them maintained. The maintenance of your solar panels is essential if you want to ensure they stay effective in the long run.

A person installing solar panels.

6. Installing solar panels will damage your roof

This is a fear-driven myth caused by people who either tried to install their solar panels by themselves or relied on amateurs. Of course, if someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing tries to install your solar panels, they will likely damage your roof. This is why you should rely only on experts to install your solar panels. Doing it yourself or relying on amateurs is a recipe for disaster, so avoid either of these options, and you’ll be just fine.

Six common myths about solar power – wrap up

As most solar companies in Texas will tell you, most myths about solar power are untrue. They are mostly left over from the time when solar panel systems were still new. Many are caused by people either not understanding how solar panel systems work or simply out of fear. Either way, myths about solar power are generally untrue, and you have no reason to be afraid to have a solar power system installed in your home. In the long run, the benefits will be obvious. We hope this list of six common myths about solar power has helped convince you they’re untrue, and we wish you a good day.

As most solar companies in Texas can confirm, solar panels have been getting more and more popular in recent years.

There are many reasons for this, from going green to benefitting owners in other ways from the investment. Whatever the reason, most people who’ve installed solar panels will tell you that they’ve been happy with their investment. And while countries that see a lot of sun benefit more from solar energy, as solar companies in Texas will tell you, the benefits can be felt anywhere. Both in the long and short-term, you can easily feel the difference a solar system makes. To help convince you, we’ve put together a list of financial benefits of installing solar panels.

Solar panels save you money

At the end of the day, everyone wants to know how to save money wherever they can. And solar panels are an excellent way to do just that: solar energy efficiently reduces your bills, and you can feel this in the short and long term. Depending on where you live, solar panels can pay back for their installation very quickly. Additionally, if you further invest in a battery system, you can use solar power even when there is no sunlight by storing the power for when it’s needed. Besides just reducing your power bill, solar energy can also help you reduce your heating bill if you rely on electricity for heating. So, consider getting residential solar for your home and start saving money on bills right now. You will begin to feel the difference in your monthly bills right away, and the benefits get better and better over time.

You become eligible for tax benefits

While installation costs for your solar panels depend on the system’s size, they typically cost between $15,000 and $25,000. This is an estimate for solar systems which cover a home’s total energy usage. However, solar panel owners are eligible for ITC (Investment Tax Credit). ITC, also known as Federal Solar Tax Credit, allows you to deduct approximately 26% of the installation cost from your federal taxes. This reduction helps deal with your upfront expenses by quite a lot. Additionally, you might be eligible for other rebates and tax incentives depending on where you live. So, when looking into solar energy in your area, be sure to research which financial savings you qualify for. Also, remember that if you want your panels to keep working properly, you must regularly maintain them. Thankfully, you don’t need to perform the maintenance and repairs yourself. Experts can help with solar panel maintenance, so ensure you never ignore the state your solar panels are in.

Long-term value

Solar panel systems generally last long after installation, as expected for something that costs thousands of dollars. A solar panel system has a warranty of 25 to 30 years. However, depending on how well you maintain it, they can last much longer than that. If they’re properly maintained, the degradation rate of a solar system slows, and they only lose 0.5% effectiveness every year. If you take proper care of them, your solar panels will work at 88% effectiveness when the 25-year warranty ends. All in all, as can be confirmed by solar companies in Texas, solar panels continue to be useful after their warranty ends. You can take the panels with you even if you end up moving house; however, the experts from State to State Move note that solar panels need special attention during transportation. Otherwise, they can get damaged incredibly easily during the process.

Solar panels increase property value

Logically, the value of a home increases depending on the features and systems it has installed. A solar panel system massively increases the value of a home it’s installed in. All in all, if you’re looking to sell a house and want to add value to it, solar panels are easily the way to go. Real estate agents report that home buyers are usually willing to pay a premium for a home with solar panels. So, not only does the property’s value increase, but it’s also much easier to sell. However, when you increase the value of your home, you also have to consider home insurance. Knowing how solar panels affect home insurance is essential before going through the installation process. To avoid any issues with home insurance, make sure you sort everything before installing the solar system instead of falling into unnecessary problems.

There are inexpensive alternatives

If you want to benefit from solar energy but don’t have the funds for a system of your own, you can consider some relatively inexpensive alternatives. Mainly, community solar power is a great way to benefit from solar without having your system. This involves a third party installing many solar panels in an area. The energy that is generated from this is delivered to the grid, and households within the area can subscribe to the service. Doing this allows you to bypass the upfront and installation costs for the trade-off of paying monthly. You can easily find out if your home is within a community area covered by solar companies in Texas by looking for shared solar opportunities. Additionally, the enrollment process is easy and quick, so signing up isn’t a hassle. This is a great way to benefit from solar energy without having to pay thousands of dollars upfront.

Financial benefits of installing solar panels – wrap up

There are many benefits of installing solar panels, as most solar companies in Texas will tell you. Solar panels are a good financial decision due to the tax benefits and reducing your monthly bills. Also, by increasing the property value of your home, you can easily sell your home for more if you ever decide to sell it. And since solar panels are so popular these days, the sale will also be much quicker overall. There are many reasons you’d want to have solar panels installed, most of which are financial. And for those who don’t have the money for their solar system, community solar is always an option. We hope that this list of financial benefits of installing solar panels has convinced you to have a solar panel system installed, and we wish you a good day.

As most of the best solar companies in Texas can prove, solar panels are incredibly useful to have installed.

Lower energy bills and less environmental impact are all benefits for homes with solar systems installed. However, are solar panels beneficial for you when trying to sell a home? Would having the system help the home sell faster, and could you ask for more money? Or, would the presence of a solar system slow down the sale of your home? Today, we hope to answer that question for you, as we have put together a list of pros and cons of selling your home with solar panels.

Pro: a faster sale of your home

One of the main benefits of solar panels when selling your home is making the sale go faster. Real estate experts have noted that homes with solar systems sell 20% more quickly than traditional homes. All in all, one of the main problems with selling a home is attracting buyers. Houses with installed solar systems attract many people since these systems are overall very beneficial. As such, installing solar panels in a home that you plan to sell is considered a good investment. Residential solar services are widely available in today’s world, so if you want to have solar panels installed for the sake of a sale, contact the best South Texas solar systems company to arrange the installation. Of course, you will need to invest some money to pay for the system, but the benefits can’t be denied; you can expect a good ROI and a quick and easy sale.

realtor holding sold sign

Pro: solar panels can get a higher sale price for your property

Solar panels can add a lot of value to the home they’re installed in. So, a house with solar panels can be sold for a higher price. The exact increase in price depends on the solar systems themselves, of course. The price can vary wildly depending on how many solar panels you install and whether they are on the roof or ground mounted. The price can be even higher if your solar system includes batteries. These batteries allow you to save even more energy by storing the energy for later use. All in all, the better the solar system you have installed, the more money you can sell the home for. However, keep in mind that experts from Zippy Shell Louisiana recommend that you try to plan your move well ahead of selling the house, so you can move out as soon as you close the sale.

Pro: homes with solar panels have better EPC ratings

As any of the best solar companies in Texas say, solar panels positively impact your EPC rating. EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a home’s energy efficiency rating, grading from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient. Real estate agents note that homes with a high EPC rating sell faster and for higher prices. Having a high EPC rating is incredibly beneficial when trying to sell a home. And, to that end, a home with solar panels will have a much easier time attracting buyers. And, of course, the solar panels are very beneficial outside a house sale. Knowing how to make the most of your solar panels can help you save a lot of money before you sell the home. After all, ensuring you’re getting the most use of your solar panel system is also essential.

home with solar panels.
Homes with good EPC ratings are attractive to buyers.

A lot of solar companies offer solar panels on a lease. You can have trouble selling your home if your solar panels are leased. For one, most lenders refuse to approve a mortgage for a home with solar panels, which makes it a lot more challenging to find a buyer. Two solutions for this problem are transferring the lease or buying it out. While transferring a solar panel lease is possible, many buyers are unfamiliar with it and unwilling to go through with the transfer. Alternatively, you can buy out the lease; however, this comes with a high price tag. If you’re selling your home so you can move, this can delay the process. And during this time, you should consider protecting your items in a weather-resistant container. One of the main pros of weather-resistant containers is that they can keep your things intact until you are ready to move out. When you are set, you can easily retrieve your items from storage.

Con: solar panels need to be well maintained before sale

Solar panels need to be maintained regularly to work properly. And if you’re trying to sell a home with solar panels on it, most potential buyers will ask if they’re well maintained. As such, you will need to handle the maintenance of your solar system before trying to sell your home. However, solar panel maintenance can take some time, as it should only ever be done by a professional. This consists of contacting a solar company you trust and scheduling the maintenance. Needless to say, this can easily delay the sale of your home. As such, having solar panels can be quite a problem if you need to sell your home quickly. For example, if you’re trying to properly time selling and buying a home and moving out, this can cause problems. So, make sure your solar panels are maintained well ahead of time when selling your home.

Pros and cons of selling your home with solar panels – wrap up

Solar panels have many benefits for the home they’re installed in. However, when it comes to selling a home with a solar system, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Faster sales and a higher sale price are definitely beneficial, but solar panels can also cause problems with finding potential buyers. At the very least, unless you’re well prepared and careful, solar panels could delay the sale of your home. Still, as most of the best solar companies in Texas will tell you, the benefits of having solar panels in your home heavily outweigh the disadvantages, even when it comes to a sale. We hope this list of pros and cons of selling your home with solar panels helps you sell your home, and we wish you a good day.

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