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Solar energy has been making a big impact in the renewable energy industry in recent years, with more and more people choosing this clean and sustainable source of power.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the BiHiKu Solar Panels by Canadian Solar, which has become one of the most popular options for those looking to harness the power of the sun.

The BiHiKu Solar Panel by Canadian Solar is a cutting-edge bifacial module that harnesses the sun’s power to generate electricity.

This powerful module can produce up to 460W of energy, making it one of the most powerful solar panels available on the market today. The 144 dual cells and mono PERC technology used in the module ensure low power loss and enhanced reliability, while the low NMOT and LID + LeTID levels ensure a lower hot spot temperature and better shading tolerance.

One of the biggest benefits of the BiHiKu Solar Panel is its ability to generate up to 30% more energy from the backside, which is more than what a traditional single-facial module can produce. This means that the module is able to produce more energy from a smaller surface area, making it an ideal choice for those with limited roof space.

In addition to its high power output, the BiHiKu Solar Panel is also designed for reliability.

The low NMOT and LID + LeTID levels help to prevent damage to the cells over time, extending the lifespan of the module and reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

The module also comes with a 12-year enhanced product warranty on materials and workmanship, as well as a 30-year linear power output warranty.

Installing a solar panel system is a big investment, so it’s important to choose a product that is both reliable and cost-effective. The BiHiKu Solar Panel by Canadian Solar meets these requirements, as it is both powerful and reliable, while also being affordable. The module is also easy to install, which can help to reduce the overall cost of the installation process.

In conclusion, the BiHiKu Solar Panel by Canadian Solar is a game-changer in the world of renewable energy.

With its high power output, reliability, and affordability, it’s no wonder that it has become one of the most popular solar panels available on the market today. Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, be more environmentally conscious, or invest in the future, the BiHiKu is the perfect choice.

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Introducing the Latest Innovation in Solar Energy: Panasonic Solar Panels

South Texas Solar Systems Inc is proud to announce the arrival of Panasonic Solar Panels, the latest and greatest in solar energy technology. With our cutting-edge, high-efficiency solar panels, you can harness the power of the sun and reduce your energy bills while helping the environment.

What Are Panasonic Solar Panels?

Panasonic Solar Panels are the solution for powering your home with renewable energy. These panels are made of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity, which is then stored in batteries and used to power your home. Not only are they efficient, but they are also designed to be durable and reliable, giving you peace of mind that your home is powered safely.

The Benefits of Panasonic Solar Panels

The benefits of using Panasonic Solar Panels are numerous. Firstly, they can help reduce your energy bills by using solar power instead of traditional electricity. You’ll save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Additionally, these panels are easy to install and maintain, so you won’t have to worry about complicated wiring or expensive maintenance costs. Finally, they are designed to be reliable and long-lasting, ensuring that your home will be powered safely and efficiently for years to come.

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The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

Are you looking for a way to make your home more valuable and energy-efficient? Consider installing solar panels. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of solar panels, including how they can increase the selling price of your home, reduce your energy bills, and help the environment.

Introduction to Solar Panels and Their Benefits

Solar panels are a great investment for homeowners looking to save money on their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint. By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels can significantly reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and natural gas.

Not only do solar panels offer financial and environmental benefits, but they can also make your home more desirable to potential buyers. Installing solar panels can increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home, making it a more attractive option for those in the market for a new home.

How Solar Panels Increase the Selling Value of a Home

Installing solar panels is a great way to increase the value of your home. Homes with solar panels tend to sell for more than homes without them, as they offer a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly option. Additionally, solar panels can help to reduce energy bills and make your home more attractive to potential buyers, adding to its overall value.

The Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

In addition to increasing the value of your home, solar panels can also help you save money on your energy bills. By switching to solar energy, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy costs and take advantage of various local, state, and federal incentives, which can help to further reduce your energy bills.

The Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Panels

Switching to solar energy is not only beneficial for your wallet, but it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. By reducing your reliance on non-renewable energy sources, you can help to reduce air and water pollution, as well as other forms of environmental degradation.

How to Choose the Right Solar Panels

When choosing solar panels for your home, it’s important to consider the quality and size of the panels. High-quality panels will be more efficient and last longer, while the size of the panels should be based on the size of your roof, the amount of sunlight your home receives, and the amount of electricity you need.

Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Home Using Solar Panels

To maximize the value of your home using solar panels, make sure that they are installed correctly, cleaned regularly, and performing optimally. Additionally, connect your panels to an efficient inverter to maximize the energy output of your system.

How to Find the Right Contractor for Installing Solar Panels

Finding a qualified contractor is key to a successful solar panel installation. Ask for referrals from friends or family, search online, or check with your local government for recommendations. Make sure that the contractor you hire is properly licensed and insured.

Maintenance Tips for Your Solar Panels

Once your solar panels are installed, it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure optimal performance and a long lifespan. Clean your panels regularly and check them for signs of wear and tear, having them serviced when necessary.

Tax Credits and Other Incentives for Installing Solar Panels

There are a number of incentives available for homeowners who choose to install solar panels. Many states offer tax credits, and many utility companies offer incentives for switching to solar energy. These incentives can help to reduce the cost of installation and make switching to solar energy more affordable.


Installing solar panels is a great way to increase the value of your home while also reducing your energy bills and helping the environment. Solar panels can help to make your home more
ttractive to potential buyers and can help you save money on your energy bills. Additionally, there are a number of incentives available for installing solar panels, such as tax credits and utility company incentives. If you’re looking to make your home more valuable, then installing solar panels is a great option. With the tips and information in this blog, you can make the most of your solar setup and unlock the potential value of your home.

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Solar panels in Texas are often mounted on the roof.

You might wonder if installing solar panels on a tile roof is possible, especially if your roof is not flat. In a word, yeah! As challenging as installing solar panels on a tile roof may be, it’s nevertheless feasible to do so. Concrete, clay, and Spanish tiles are supported by the solar industry’s current range of roof mounting options. Using solar energy is a trend that is expected to surpass fossil fuels by 2050

at the current conversion rate. This post will discuss how to install solar panels on a tile roof.

Solar installation costs

more with clay tile roofs

To put it another way, roof tiles are easily broken. Due to how fragile they are, Fairfax Transfer and Storage 

professionals advise storing them at a safe location. It’s pretty likely that a few tiles will break if someone attempts

to climb up on one of these roofs to make any repairs. Substituting a similar tile for one that has been damaged is

not always a straightforward process. Let’s not forget that certain

tiles can be rather expensive to acquire.

Because of this, most professional solar installers will take extra precautions before attempting to operate on a roof with clay tiles. On the other hand, this means that they will move more slowly, which will increase your labor costs.

What you need to know before

you Install solar panels on a tile roof

Be cautious as you traverse a ceiling made of tiles

The fragility of roof tiles is well known. Try to avoid walking on them if at all possible. It would be best if you

use extreme caution when building a solar panel system, but you don’t have a choice.

When putting solar panels in Texas on a Spanish tile roof, be careful not to step on the tiles at the point where they curve upward.

The point of the tile directly on the roof will bear the brunt of the weight rather than the tile’s flat bottom.

Tiles made of concrete or clay may be stepped on by utilizing the overlapping edge at the base.

So, the bottom tile will act as a support system, making it less likely that other tiles will break.

Spread your weight between your feet so that you don’t exert undue pressure on any area.

Keep some spare roofing tools and

materials available

Regardless of how carefully you move about on the roof, you may still cause damage to some tiles. In other words,

you should have some spare tiles on hand before you start. Used roof tiles sold by a local contractor may be a good way to cut costs.

More roof tiles in the same style as the ones you already have will need to be purchased. Some tips for storing these items

could greatly benefit you. Knowing how to put your items away safely is essential for one’s safety and well-being. Since your solar panels in Texas will hide them, you don’t have to pick tiles that are all the same color.

Putting down shingles as a base for

your solar panels is something to think about

Many solar panel installers choose to use shingles to cover the space between the tiles and the solar 

array rather than lay tiles directly beneath the solar panels.

When applied to a roof, solar panels are a simple installation. However, a proper seal must be applied to the

edges of the roof tiles where they meet the shingles. Water seeping into your roof may lead to leaks and other problems.

Where and how do you install

solar panels on a tile roof?

A solar panel system installation often involves removing little more than a handful of concrete tiles and screwing in a few

hooks into the joists below. Following the installation of the base plates on your roof membrane, special hooks will be used to keep them in place.

To prevent water from getting into the newly drilled area that will hold the baseplate and hook in place.

Flashing is needed to be installed on top of the hook, ideally with tar. The solar panels are mounted on rails that are attached to the hooks.

If a baseplate and hook are needed to be installed where there aren’t any roof joists below, 

it’s necessary to cut and install the wood needed in your attic.

It is advised that a double flashing approach be used on clay tile roofs instead of hooks. This is due to the fact that the wind

might effortlessly break the more fragile clay tile if the panels and hooks holding them in place swayed. In addition,

you may be able to use one of mount’s tile replacement options if the shape of your clay tile is similar to one of their replacement options.

By removing the need for the installer to creatively cut tile to fit around hooks, tile replacement mounts streamline solar installations.

Tiles will need to be replaced when solar mounts are installed.

If I can’t put solar panels on my

tile roof, what options do I have?

There’s a possibility that the tile roof isn’t the ideal location to install solar panels.

A ground-mounted solar array is a practical solution in this case. Panels can be mounted on a pole or frame and set up in a well-lit area.

Make sure that the solar panels won’t get shaded by anything throughout the day. Maintenance requirements for ground- or

pole-mounted solar systems are often higher than those for roof-mounted systems. It’s also possible that you’ll need special permits,

and those may vary depending on where you live.

In conclusion

Rooftops are a common place for solar panels in Texas. Although it is not usually the most convenient place to reach,

solar panels installed on roof tiles require less maintenance than other types (because of all the climbing).

You may even go for solar shingles, which look nothing like regular panels. You can install solar panels on a tile

roof and get them running with just a few tools, some planning, and some hard work.

Welcome to our blog! Today, we want to share with you some of the top solar energy trends

we expect to see in 2023.

5) The rise of solar-plus-storage systems: As the cost of solar panels and batteries

continues to decline, we expect to see more and more homeowners and businesses opting

for solar-plus-storage systems. These systems allow you to store excess solar energy for

use during times when the sun is not shining, such as at night or on cloudy days.

4) The growth of community solar: Community solar, also known as shared solar, allows

multiple users to share the benefits of a single solar panel installation. This can be a great

option for renters or homeowners who don’t have the ability to install panels on their own


3) The expansion of solar energy into emerging markets: Solar energy is becoming

increasingly affordable, making it a viable option for countries that traditionally rely on fossil

fuels. We expect significant solar adoption growth in emerging markets such as Africa and


2) The use of solar technology in new applications: Solar panels are not just for

generating electricity anymore. We are seeing the use of solar technology in a variety of new

applications, such as water purification and air conditioning.

1) The increase in government incentives: As the demand for solar energy grows, we

expect to see more governments offering incentives and subsidies to encourage the

adoption of solar energy. This can help make solar an even more attractive option for

homeowners and businesses.

Overall, we are very excited about the future of solar energy and the positive impact it will

have on our planet. We hope that these trends will inspire you to consider switching to solar

and doing your part to combat climate change.

We hope that this information has been helpful and has sparked your interest in switching to


If you are considering solar energy for your home or business, we invite you to visit our

website to learn more about the products and services that we offer. Our team of experts is

here to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the best solar solution

for your needs.

And don’t forget to request a free quote! Simply fill out the form on our website and one of our team members will be in touch to provide you with a personalized quote.

We offer a wide range of financing options to make solar energy accessible to everyone. Take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future, and request your free quote today!

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