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There are many advantages of going solar. For instance, by powering either your home or your business, you will be able to save tons of money on electricity while saving the planet at the same time.

Thus, taking advantage of the overflowing Texas sunshine to produce clean and renewable energy makes sense! But, we understand why you may be intimidated – installing solar panels on your home or your business can come with a hefty price tag.

Luckily, there are plenty of incentives that can help you get started. So, if this is something you may be interested in, keep on reading as we will share with you all you need to know about Texas solar energy incentives.

Federal Incentives 

As previously mentioned, there are many incentive programs in the state of Texas. Thus, let us begin with one that offers the most benefits – the federal one. If you decide to go solar, you should take advantage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC. ITC is a federal tax credit that has a system of “dollar for dollar” reduction on all income taxes. Currently, the tax credit for all green projects is 26%. However, the situation will change in 2023 when the tax credit is expected to decrease (around 22%). In 2024, the tax credit will be 10%, and in 2025, the tax incentive will go away entirely. Thus, if you plan on installing solar panels in Texas, act quickly. The sooner you install them, the bigger incentive you will get, and the more money you will save.

State Incentives 

Did you know that Texas is one of the states that are winning on clean energy? But, it is worth mentioning that Texas does not offer any statewide solar tax credits. However, it does encourage local utilities to provide incentives for residential and commercial establishments. Incentives are given to those who are just starting these going-solar projects and those who need a solar panel replacement or a battery backup. State incentives vary depending on the city. But, one thing is always the same – with a state incentive, homeowners and business owners can get a price-per-watt basis completed at an ultimate amount per project. If you are unsure how to apply for a state incentive (or any other Texas solar energy incentive), go to your local utility company – they will tell you where and how to start.

Local Incentives 

When moving to Texas or anywhere else in the world, you must know what to expect moneywise. For instance, you must know what type of housing is available there, how much the whole relocation will cost you, etc. The same applies to installing solar panels in your Texas home. As this is a pricy investment, you must know what incentives the city offers to help those trying to produce green energy. There are many local incentives in Texas, but they vary depending on the city you are in. So, let us share with you some of the most common local incentives you should consider.

  • AEP – American Electric Power
  • Austin Energy
  • Centerpoint Energy
  •  El Paso Electric
  • Farmers Electric Cooperative
  • Greenville Electric Utility System
  • Hilco Electric Cooperative
  • Lower Colorado River Authority
  • New Braunfels Utility – NBU
  • United Cooperative Services
  • Wise Electric cooperative
  • Oncor Electric Delivery

These are just some of the Texas solar energy incentives you can take advantage of. As previously mentioned, the type of incentive you can get depends on the city you are in. If you do not know where and how to get this journey started, you can always contact your utility company and ask about the programs they offer. They can give you first-hand information and advise you on your future money-saving steps.

Net Metering Program Incentive 

It is good to know that some utility companies offer solar incentives while others participate in net metering. Namely, net metering is a billing arrangement that you can create with your utility company. With that arrangement, if you overproduce energy, you can sell it back to the grid. But, of course, you cannot go to your utility company and demand them to pay this money to you – the money from the sold energy will be deducted from your next energy bill.

However, keep in mind that net metering is not available in all cities in Texas, so if you decide to opt for this ‘incentive’, call your utility company first. And, in some areas, you will be able to take advantage of both net metering and some kind of incentive. If that is the case where you live or where you will live, we strongly suggest that you start looking for the best solar power companies in Texas right now!

Texas solar energy incentives explained

If you have the option to go green, that is, to install solar panels on your residential or commercial establishment, you should do so. The benefits are enormous! You will significantly reduce your energy bill, or in some cases, you may eliminate it entirely. Moreover, you will earn rebates and tax credits too – another great way to save a lot of money. And, last but certainly not the least, buy installing solar panels in Texas (and pretty much everywhere else in the world), you will help save the environment and all the beings living on this planet of ours!

And, even though installing solar panels can be a costly investment, there are plenty of incentives that can help you out. You can either apply for Texas solar energy incentives – federal, state or local. Or you can take part in a net metering program. Either of these four options can help you save a lot of money. Do some research on your own too! And, if you still have difficulties understanding what to do, ask your local utility company for help.

Meta Description: If you plan on installing solar panels in your Texas home, here is all you need to know about Texas solar energy incentives.

Do you want to make the most out of your South Texas solar system? If so, you should consider exploring ways to maximize your energy efficiency.

So, if you plan to invest your time and money in residential solar panels, you should take things one step further and fully optimize your energy efficiency.

Luckily, you can easily enhance your solar system’s energy output. However, it requires you to change certain aspects of your home and lifestyle to reduce your energy consumption. For this reason, we will talk about how to optimize solar power output in your new home in keeping with the eco-friendly, off-grid solar panel usage philosophy.


Solar paneling technology has been progressing rapidly in order to maximize efficiency. This means that you have many possibilities to update your solar system and make it more efficient. Yet, you should also improve your knowledge and approach to the exploitation of residential solar energy systems.


We will illuminate (pun intended!) you about the most efficient ways you can do this based on advice provided by the best solar companies in Texas. However, feel free to investigate further and contact your Austin solar installers to get personalized advice. They will provide information on how to optimize solar power output in your new home based on your specific circumstances. So, let’s dig in!

How can I maximize solar energy in my home?

The best thing about solar power is that the technology relies on minimal adjustments and hardware maintenance. Hence, your solar panels can generate electricity for years, even decades, without significant repairs or interventions.


However, note that hail and other elements might inflict damage to your solar system. So, regular maintenance is still necessary for its proper functioning. Contact solar power maintenance in San Antonio for advice on how often you should check up on your solar power system.


Furthermore, using solar panels in Brownsville, TX, or other Texas cities that receive a lot of sunshine every year presents a great return on the initial investment. So, aside from going green, reduced electric bills are also an advantage of switching to an off-grid solar system. Hence, homes with solar panels in Texas can pay for themselves in only seven years when you optimize their output.


Therefore, if you plan on moving long-distance to a new home in Texas, you should consider paying a little bit extra for a house with solar panels installed or install them yourself. Once you relocate to your green home, your utility bills will be significantly reduced. But why stop there. Try to make all of your habits and choices green by searching for a responsible and eco-conscious moving company or using old boxes for the relocation.


Hire professional installers


Hiring professionals such as solar installers in San Antonio is one of the ways to optimize solar power output in your new home. Experienced installers will know how to approach your specific situation in the best way possible.


For instance, they will assess your energy needs and roofing structure. This will allow them to place the solar panels at the most optimal angle. Therefore, exposure to shade will be minimized, allowing your solar system to harness the sun’s rays without any obstructions.

Install a Solar Battery

Another way to maximize your energy output is to invest in a state-of-the-art battery kit. Naturally, solar panels generate energy for your home only while there is sunshine. A good battery enables you to store excess energy made during the day. It means you can power your home at night as well, or on days when there is not enough sunshine.


In the past, people could not rely on such power reserves. They had to rely on local power grids for their energy supply. With a battery, you will eliminate or minimize the need to rely on local power supplies. Furthermore, your solar system can produce more electricity than you need in a day. You can sell the excess energy to the utility company and turn back your electricity meter as a result.

Optimize your solar output by modifying your habits

A battery kit can eliminate the need to switch to local energy suppliers, but you can still do much more. For example, be sure to do activities that consume a lot of energy in the mornings and afternoons. So, try to wash your laundry when the solar energy collection is at its peak.


Exploiting your solar system during the day enables you to avoid paying peak-hour prices by relying on your grid. The utility company or local government might even promote your peak-hour solar energy collection with specific incentives and programs to support homeowners who turn to green energy production.


Remember, no matter how much you invest in your solar system, you have to make changes to your daily habits as well. So, if you plan to hire a trustworthy and eco-conscious installer for your solar panels in McAllen, TX, you should also extend your efforts to live in an eco-friendly way in all areas of your life.


So, if you plan to move to Texas, be sure to commit to the cause entirely by locating a green moving company. Browsing through a comprehensive database at verifiedmovers.com will help you narrow down a few options. In this way, you will be able to compare the moving companies and choose the one that ensures your relocation will be smooth and ecologically responsible.

Do not turn on several appliances at the same time

Using several energy-intensive appliances at the same time can overburden your solar energy system. As a result, you will have to dip into the local power grid to make everything work simultaneously.


Say you turn on your washing machine and your dishwasher at the same time. You might need to use both solar power and local sources of electricity just to keep things running. If you wash your dishes in the morning and your laundry in the afternoon, your energy consumption will be much less pronounced.


Make use of automatic washing programs on your appliances. This way, you will be able to program your appliances to turn on at a specific hour during the day. Turn this into a habit to optimize solar power output in your new home.

There are many reasons why more and more people in Texas decide to install solar panels in their homes. Some do it because they want to go green and thus help save our planet. Others want to take advantage of the weather in Texas and use it to save money on their electrical bills. Your reason, on the other hand, maybe completely different. But, that does not matter, as solar panel installation will definitely be worth the time, money, and efforts you invest in it. 

However, when is the best time for Texas solar panel installation? Well, each season comes with some benefits, but one that always takes the lead is spring. So, if you are not bound by time and do not mind waiting for the following spring to arrive, we strongly recommend waiting. Use this time in between to research different solar installation options and explore some of the best solar companies in Texas, and, of course, find out why spring is the best time of the year for this project. 

Sunlight Will Work in Your Favor 

It goes without saying that spring and summer are the seasons with the longest and the sunniest days in Texas. And, as the weather during these two seasons is scorching, your AC is probably on most of the time. That AC, paired with other things, is what causes that electrical bill to spike. You can save a lot of money with solar panels in Texas if you install them right before the heat starts. If you switch to solar energy before summer, you will be able to enjoy both the cheaper air conditioning and the reduced energy footprint simultaneously. 

Another benefit of installing solar panels in Texas during spring is its faster installation. Once you find good solar panel installers and some reliable solar power companies, they will be able to finish the job in just a couple of days as there will be no obstacles like rain or wind standing in their way. And, of course, more daylight means more working hours available for your team. 

Pleasant Working Conditions For Your Installation Team 

Although installing solar panels in Texas during winter or even autumn is possible, those weather conditions may not be ideal for your installation team. As previously mentioned, their work will probably get interrupted several times because of rain or wind. So, instead of working just a couple of days on your installation, they may end up working there for a couple of weeks. And, trust us, that is something that will be pleasant neither for your team nor for you. They will work in bad conditions, and you will end up living on a construction site for longer and spend a lot more money paying for each day installers spend on your roof. 

There is a time for everything in life. Things like installing solar panels are just like any other kind of remodeling or even removal projects – they require specific conditions. Of course, like remodeling is easier with a professional, and removal is more manageable with Small World Moving Texas, solar panel installation is easier with a good team – but even they cannot work wonders when the weather is not great. 

Higher Temperatures, Higher Demand 

If you are not from Texas but plan to move here soon, we recommend waiting for the following spring to install your solar panels. We are not suggesting that only for the reasons mentioned above, but also because finding good solar power companies and good solar installers during this time of the year (summer) is pretty much impossible. All good, affordable and reliable companies of that kind will have been booked, even since last year. This should come as no surprise to locals – they know how scorchingly hot summers in Texas can be, and thus, how high all the electrical bills that follow can be too. 

Use this time you have to do other renovation projects – remodel your kitchen, for example. Do any kind of ‘inside’ work and stay away from the sun as much as possible. As previously mentioned, if you have just moved to Texas, use this time to prepare your home for your arrival instead of looking for good solar installers. Along with some renovation projects, you will also have to clean your new home. And be sure to clean it thoroughly before moving in! If you can afford it, hire professional cleaners too. Texas is hot and humid – perfect conditions for growing different, harmful ‘entities’ in and around the house. You never know how clean the previous owners have been, so clean everything before you start unpacking and then worry about finding those installers. 

Lower the Burden on the Electrical Grid

Each house relies on traditional power. That power comes from a large electrical grid situated somewhere in your area. Usually, all the grids have enough energy to support all households, but all electrical grids become overwhelmed during summertime in hot regions such as Texas. It happens when homeowners blast their ACs to try to cool off. However, in most cases, this ends up in a blackout. When a blackout occurs, the entire area you live in loses power until repairs are done, which, depending on the damage, can last for days. 

One of the most significant benefits of having your own solar energy is that you will not depend on the electrical grid anymore. Of course, you can still use the power from the grid when necessary, but those will be rare occasions. With good off-grid solar panels, blackouts, high electrical bills, energy footprints, etc., will be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, if you are wondering what the best time of year for Texas solar panel installation is, you are already on the right path toward more sustainable and frugal living. 

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