There are many myths surrounding solar power which are, frankly, untrue.

As most solar companies in Texas will tell you, there are facts to disprove all of them. These myths started when solar power systems were still completely new and managed to persist until today. And the truth is, a lot of people are avoiding solar power because of them. Myths such as solar panels only working in smaller households or not working during winter. So, today we’ve compiled a list of six common myths about solar power, which we will debunk.

1. Solar panels don’t work 24/7, and you’re left without energy at night

One of the most common myths about solar power that solar companies in Texas have to deal with is that, somehow, having solar panels installed will leave households without power at night. When you install solar panels, you’re still connected to the power grid, and your home will pull power from the grid when needed. Meaning there is never a situation when you’ll be left without power because of your solar panels. As a matter of fact, if the power grid ever fails, your solar panels will keep supplying power. If you go the extra mile and install batteries into your solar power system, any excess energy will be stored in them. So, solar power systems can protect you from power outages. This is an excellent reason to get residential solar power in your home.

A close-up of solar panels
Solar panels are less effective during winter because there’s less sun, but they still work.

2. Solar panels don’t work in winter

A lot of people tend to believe this myth for one reason or another, while it’s completely untrue. Yes, because there’s a lot more cloud cover, and days are shorted, which makes solar panels less effective overall. However, as long as there is sun, solar panels will work; as solar companies in Texas will tell you, this makes states which see a lot of sun even in winter a perfect fit for solar panels. So yes, overall, your solar panels are less effective during winter and generate less energy. But, they do continue working regardless, and on sunny days will be just as effective as usual. However, if you plan to move house at some point, experts from note that solar panels need special protection when moving. So, keep this in mind when planning your move.

3. Solar panels are too expensive and can’t save you money

Some people would have you believe that solar panels are too expensive and will never pay off. However, as solar companies in Texas can confirm, solar panels are an investment. Yes, the up-front price can be pretty high depending on the kind and size of the system you want to be installed. However, solar panels pay off in the long run, and the longer you have them, the better. This is because solar panels reduce your bills and, in some cases, even outright negate your electricity bill. And this is only one of the financial benefits of installing solar panels. Of course, they do come with a degree of maintenance too, and to stay fully effective solar panels need to be regularly maintained. Regardless of that, however, they are very much worth the investment.

A person holding cash.
While the initial investment can be fairly expensive, solar panels always pay off in the long run.

4. Solar panels are only for eco-friendly houses

Some people believe that solar panels only belong to houses that want to be eco-friendly. However, the truth is most households get solar panels for financial benefits. The fact that solar power is eco-friendly is a bonus, but it’s typically not the reason why people go solar. And yes, states pushing for eco-friendliness and protecting the environment are also pushing solar panels. But, again, most people get involved simply because of financial reasons. And speaking of eco-friendliness, if you’re interested in going green, you should consider getting involved with eco-friendly storage solutions. If you need storage, you can make it more sustainable as well so that you also help protect the environment in the long run.

5. Solar panels are only good for small households

Now this one is just a lie that many people believe in. Solar panel systems can be just as effective in large households, if not more effective. The only thing that changes is the initial investment since larger houses need larger systems. At the end of the day, if you get enough solar panel coverage, your electricity bills will still get reduced. And because larger households tend to use more power anyway, the effect of the solar panels on the bills can be felt more clearly. Of course, the more solar panels you have, the more you have to worry about keeping them maintained. The maintenance of your solar panels is essential if you want to ensure they stay effective in the long run.

A person installing solar panels.

6. Installing solar panels will damage your roof

This is a fear-driven myth caused by people who either tried to install their solar panels by themselves or relied on amateurs. Of course, if someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing tries to install your solar panels, they will likely damage your roof. This is why you should rely only on experts to install your solar panels. Doing it yourself or relying on amateurs is a recipe for disaster, so avoid either of these options, and you’ll be just fine.

Six common myths about solar power – wrap up

As most solar companies in Texas will tell you, most myths about solar power are untrue. They are mostly left over from the time when solar panel systems were still new. Many are caused by people either not understanding how solar panel systems work or simply out of fear. Either way, myths about solar power are generally untrue, and you have no reason to be afraid to have a solar power system installed in your home. In the long run, the benefits will be obvious. We hope this list of six common myths about solar power has helped convince you they’re untrue, and we wish you a good day.