Searching for the best solar company in San Antonio

This year solar energy is making headlines all over the nation.

While solar energy is the utmost cleanest and renewable source out there, its uses are becoming more popular.

When researching for the best solar company in San Antonio, you probably use Google to search for solar companies and then scroll through their services, etc.

What people need to know is the best solar company in San Antonio is the company that ranked #1 for a consecutive year on the list of rooftop solar energy companies from the San Antonio Business Journal.

The ranking is cumulated by the total number of kilowatts of local systems installed in 2018.

Earlier this month KSAT 12 announced a new report by the Environment Texas Research and Policy Center, who reported San Antonio ranked No. 7 in the United States and No. 1 in Texas for solar energy capacity.

   With only a quarter of the year already in wraps, solar energy is powering up homes and businesses left and right. In fact, solar energy can be stored with a solar battery and used at night.

Solar energy and its uses are inevitable for an efficient lifestyle. Aside from generating electricity for lighting, etc., solar energy can be used for heating water.

Here is an example of another use of solar energy from a recent San Antonio event known as SA Earth Day.  

The Westside Development Corporation reached out to South Texas Solar Systems Inc. in hopes of using solar energy to power the event’s PA sound system, guitar, a bass amplifier, and microphone. STSS was happy to help out the cause and provided their 20-foot off-grid container, equipped with six solar panels, two outlets, a flat screen, and AC unit. The off-grid container was built to sustain 20kwh. So with a little help from an extension cord, SA Earth Day was powered up by the sun and South Texas Solar Systems.

   Now with Spring in full effect and Summer blazing its way to Texas, solar energy is in demand and only the best solar company in San Antonio is ready to supply customers with what they need to switch to solar.