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Advantages of Solar Power

Top Five Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy is no doubt one of the safest and cleanest sources of energy today we can get today. We now live in a fast-paced world where the economy is not stable and paying electricity bills monthly is something we wish to avoid. But, what many people fail to understand is that the money spent on can be invested into something more profitable when we consider solar power.

Solar energy is a natural energy source will make you an owner rather than a renter. You don’t have to break the bank to have solar installed for you. All you need is the initial capital investment and a Solar companies San Antonio for you to become an owner of a renewable energy system. Find out how the benefits of solar energy can help your budget as well as help the world.

  1. Reduced effects of global warming

Solar power is so unique that the use of it doesn’t produce emission or in no way harmful to the environment. Solar power helps contributes to the warming of the atmosphere, and this is why you need to consider using solar panels for your home or your office. It is an excellent way to reduce the contribution to global warming.

  1. Long-Term Solution

This is no doubt one of the most significant advantages of solar power… solar power os a long time solution that you will benefit from for a long time. Solar power is capable of powering the planet into the foreseeable future when installed by a Solar Panels San Antonio, unlike fossil fuels which have been on the road to depletion even since when we’ve been using them.

  1. Cheaper production costs, better efficiency

When solar energy firstly came into use, half of those using it presently was unable to afford the technology needed to convert solar energy into usable energy. Even though the sun that produces the power is free for everyone, but the panels and other components need to create solar panels used to be too expensive for the average user. However, the availability of solar panels by Solar Panels Texas has made it more convenient for many homeowners to have access to at least one.

  1. Helps control pollution

The use of fossils as a source of energy release harmful gases into the environment and into the Earth’s atmosphere, which is very harmful to earth inhabitants. The use of solar panels helps limit the world’s contribution to environmental pollution.

  1. Lower maintenance and running costs

The costs of using or running conventional fossil fuels for energy is way lesser than that used in maintaining and using solar energy at home. The only payment you need to make is the one needed to install a solar panel, and after that, it is free of cost and maintenance-free as well. Some investment may be required in putting these panels in place, but once everything is in proper working order, but this already presents a significant amount of savings on your electricity bill.

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Solar energy has emerged as one of the major sources of alternative energy. A substantial amount of the world’s energy is generated from fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are depleting at a very fast rate, which has begged the need for alternative energy.

Governments and organizations all over the world are heavily investing in solar energy. In the US, more than a million homes have switched to solar. Today’s homeowners are educating themselves on the benefits of going solar and switching to solar.

If you are looking to take the next step and go solar, here are some guidelines to help you in your solar power installation journey.

What is the Process in Solar Power Installation?
The installation of solar panels in your home doesn’t just happen. There is a process to follow to get your panel ready for powering your home. It will take one to three months after you sign your contract with your installer before the solar panels are producing electricity for your home.

After signing your contract, an engineer will come to your home to assess the electrical status of your home. He/she will also ensure that everything will work well with your new energy source.

The engineer will also inspect your roof to ensure that it is structurally OK. He or she will also check your electric panel to see if you need to change it.

NOTE: This visit by the engineer is different from a general visit by the installer.

The next stop is paperwork. Just like any other financial decision, installing solar panels involves a lot of paperwork. Although most of the paperwork will be done by the installer, we want you to know what is going on every step of the way.

You will be applying for state and federal incentives, like local solar programs, federal, ITC, etc. You will also need to fill out other paperwork, like building permits. These permits are specific to where you live.

After the paperwork, the next step is ordering of equipment and getting your solar panel installation scheduled. At this point, you will have already decided on the equipment your system will include.

Once you order your equipment, your property will be to the installer’s queue.

The next step is the exciting one, the solar panel installation. Your installer will start by prepping your roof. Then, they put in electric wiring that will connect to your electric panel and general power system.

After this, they will install racking to support your panel. Once this is done, your panels will be placed on the racking. Finally, your inverters are connected to the panels to convert DC energy to AC energy, to be used in your home.

Installation may range from one to three days, depending on the size of the system you are installing.

The final step before you can connect your solar panel to the grid, a representative from your town government will need to take a look at your system and give approval.

The representative is just checking to see if your installer did a good job. Once approved, you can then connect to the grid.

Are you living in Texas? Contact us for quality Solar Panels. We are located in San Antonio, serving all of south Texas.

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South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

We are proud to say South Texas Solar Systems has been promoted to a Panasonic Premium Installer. This helps benefit you getting High efficiency panels from a Credible Solar Company, like ourselves.

South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Learn more about the program and benefits by reading the announcement below

Panasonic Bolsters Premium Solar Panel Installer Program
with New Additions in Texas, Florida and other Key Markets

Panasonic Solar business grows residential solar roof installer network in western
and central territories with ten new premium installer promotions

NEWARK, N.J., February 14, 2019 — Panasonic Solar Group today announced its cross-country expansion of the Panasonic Residential Solar Installer program with the addition of ten Premium installers located across Panasonic’s three main regions. Over the past six months, Panasonic has promoted more than 16 installers across the country to premium status, enabling more homeowners access to the Panasonic Solar Modules HIT® portfolio.

Launched in the U.S. in 2016, the Panasonic Solar Premium Installer program provides value-added benefits and business opportunities to partners who meet Panasonic’s high standard of excellence. The program has seen impressive growth in the last two years, now with 36 Premium installers and more than 150 Authorized Installers. Companies joining the Premium Installer program in Panasonic’s Western Territory include:
• Alternate Energy Inc.: Honolulu, HI
• Solar Optimum: Glendale, CA
• Sol-Up USA: Las Vegas, NV
• Sunbright Solar LLC: Tucson, AZ

“The Western region has been a catalyst for the solar industry in the United States, supportive renewable energy policies and consumer popularity continue to drive further growth in the region,” said David Lopez, Group Sales Manager Solar & Storage, Western Territory, Panasonic USA. “Expanding our Premium Installer partners in the West allows homeowners increased access to Panasonic’s industryleading technology and warranty.”

Panasonic’s Central Territory will also see an expansion with six new Premium Installers joining the network:
• Advance Solar & Energy: Fort Myers, FL
• Energy Consultants Group: Anamosa, IA
• Good Faith Energy: Houston, TX
• Whole Sun Design: Bloomington, IN
• Kapital Electric Company: Bensenville, IL
• South Texas Solar Systems: San Antonio, TX

“Demand for solar energy is rapidly increasing among homeowners in FL, TX and in the Midwest,” said Jack O’Donohue, Sales and Business Development Manager, Panasonic USA. “The addition of new Premium Installers for the Central Region recognizes these installers’ success in offering Panasonic Solar and Storage solutions to meet the demands of homeowners who value quality, efficiency, and long-term commitment to performance as covered by Panasonic’s Triple Guard 25-year warranty.”

The Panasonic Solar Installer program is comprised of “Authorized” and “Premium” Installers, and Premium installers are involved in continuous efforts with Panasonic to promote the HIT® brand. These installers receive leads generated from Panasonic’s website as well as from the new educational blog “Green Living”. In addition, Premium Installers are the beneficiaries of cooperative marketing funds provided by Panasonic and are also provided access to Panasonic’s robust Installer Portal that offers additional benefits such as a library of tailored marketing materials and training programs designed to help installers enhance communication with consumers, and ultimately grow their businesses.

“Installers want the best products and tools to give their customers exactly what they need,” said Yessica Castillo, National Marketing Manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “That’s why we’re working with installers who align with Panasonic’s customer-first values and commitment to taking solar to the next level, one installation at a time.”

About Panasonic Corporation of North America
Newark, NJ-based Panasonic Corporation of North America is a leading technology partner and integrator to businesses, government agencies and consumers across the region. The company is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation and leverages its strengths in Immersive Entertainment, Sustainable Energy, Integrated Supply Chains and Mobility Solutions to enable its business-to-business customers. Panasonic was highlighted in Forbes Magazine’s Global 2000 ranking as one of the Top Ten Best Regarded Companies for 2017. The ranking is based on outstanding scores for trustworthiness, honesty with the public and superior performance of products and solutions. Learn more about Panasonic’s ideas and innovations at

Editorial Contacts:
Yessica Castillo
Panasonic Eco Solutions North America
[email protected]

Jack D’Amato
Porter Novelli for Panasonic
[email protected]

Is solar worth It?

A topic that has been trending is alternative and renewable energy. Solar power is one of the major sources of renewable energy.

There are different countries that have been heavily investing in solar power, which brings up the question: Is solar worth it? A substantial amount of the world’s electricity supply is generated from fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas.

These sources of energy, as most resources on the earth, are depleting at a very fast rate. In fact, they face various challenges, such as a spike in price due to heavy dependence on import from the limited number of countries, which have significant fossil fuel supplies.

And the rising environmental concerns over the climate change associated with energy generation using fossil fuel. Due to these challenges within traditional energy sources, the government, organization, and consumers are increasingly investing in the development of alternative energy sources and new technologies for electricity and energy generation.

Solar energy has emerged as one of the fastest growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar power is received by harnessing the light from the sun and converting it into electricity using a variety of technologies.

Solar heating, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy are all examples of technologies used. A photovoltaic solar panel absorbs sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity.

Photovoltaic modules absorb light energy for the sun and use it to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect is the creation of voltage and electric current in a material upon exposure to light.

It is both a physical and chemical reaction.

Photovoltaic were initially only used to power small and medium-sized appliances, like calculators and remote controls. Commercial concentrated solar plants were first developed in the 1980s.

The generation of solar energy is solely dependent on the sun, and this makes it less dependent on limited earth resources. As long as we have the sun, we have solar energy solutions as a possibility across the globe.

We can never run out of solar power with the sun. In addition, solar power is ecological and environmental friendly, compared to the other sources of energy. Solar power production generates electricity with little pollution to our environment.

Solar power is popularly known as a clean, green source of energy and a good way of reducing your carbon footprint.

With the heavy dependence on fossil fuels as a source of energy, the market has become volatile in which energy prices fluctuate throughout the day.

You can protect yourself against unpredictable increases in prices by investing in solar power systems and enjoy free and stable electricity; the sun will never charge you.

There is also no need to apply for a permit when installing solar systems because solar panels are considered to be “permitted development”.

Now is the best time to invest in an alternative source of energy, now is the time to invest in solar power.


South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Solar energy is being received through radiation from the sun and can be converted to heat or electricity. It is renewable and harnessed freely and easily thanks to advances in technology.

Here are some benefits of solar energy:

Renewable Energy Source

The most important benefit of solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source. Unlike some of the other sources of energy, we cannot run out of solar energy.

It is environment-friendly

Solar energy, compared to any other energy source, has a low negative impact on the environment. It uses no emission of greenhouse gases or water pollution. Solar energy production creates zero noise, which is an advantage, especially for urban areas.

Reduction in your Energy Bill

Using solar energy means using less from the utility supplier and translating directly to energy bill savings. Energy self-reliance can be achieved if you produce enough energy.

The time frame of higher demand matches energy production

Energy consumption tends to be higher in the afternoon and early evening. Naturally, this is the period when sunlight is at its peak. Solar energy reaches its optimal production capacity during this period.

Diverse Applications

Solar energy is used for assorted purposes. It is used to generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal). Solar energy can also be used to distill water in regions with limited clean water supplies, which is especially useful for parts of San Antonio. It can also be integrated into the materials used for buildings, such as Sharp’s transparent solar energy windows.

Solar Energy is applicable in every location

Solar energy can be deployed anywhere as long as there is sunshine. Even remote locations without access to any other source of electricity, this is particularly useful. Solar energy is also used to power up boats for those fishing in the San Antonio, Frio or Medina rivers.

Electricity doesn’t need to be lost during long-distance transport

There is a loss of some of the energy during its transportation and distribution. If the distances between the production and the supply points are far more energy is lost. Having solar panels nearby significantly cuts this distance, thus increasing the productivity of the electrical system.

Better grid security

A high solar energy grid has numerous energy production installations, which are widely spread out. In the case of an overload of disasters, either natural or human-caused, there is less vulnerability to blackouts.

The cost of maintenance is low

Solar energy systems and panels generally do not require a lot of maintenance. There are no moving parts, so there is no wear and tear and only cleaning is required.

The energy that can be gathered from these solar panels can be used to power your home because sunlight is so abundant here in San Antonio, it ’s a lot cheaper too. Once panels are installed there are no other costs apart from maintenance now and again. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Finally, it’s a smart move to look at the future go solar. Are you living in San Antonio? Contact us for quality Solar Panels. We are located in San Antonio, serving all of south Texas.

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