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Is solar worth It?

A topic that has been trending is alternative and renewable energy. Solar power is one of the major sources of renewable energy.

There are different countries that have been heavily investing in solar power, which brings up the question: Is solar worth it? A substantial amount of the world’s electricity supply is generated from fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas.

These sources of energy, as most resources on the earth, are depleting at a very fast rate. In fact, they face various challenges, such as a spike in price due to heavy dependence on import from the limited number of countries, which have significant fossil fuel supplies.

And the rising environmental concerns over the climate change associated with energy generation using fossil fuel. Due to these challenges within traditional energy sources, the government, organization, and consumers are increasingly investing in the development of alternative energy sources and new technologies for electricity and energy generation.

Solar energy has emerged as one of the fastest growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar power is received by harnessing the light from the sun and converting it into electricity using a variety of technologies.

Solar heating, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy are all examples of technologies used. A photovoltaic solar panel absorbs sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity.

Photovoltaic modules absorb light energy for the sun and use it to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect is the creation of voltage and electric current in a material upon exposure to light.

It is both a physical and chemical reaction.

Photovoltaic were initially only used to power small and medium-sized appliances, like calculators and remote controls. Commercial concentrated solar plants were first developed in the 1980s.

The generation of solar energy is solely dependent on the sun, and this makes it less dependent on limited earth resources. As long as we have the sun, we have solar energy solutions as a possibility across the globe.

We can never run out of solar power with the sun. In addition, solar power is ecological and environmental friendly, compared to the other sources of energy. Solar power production generates electricity with little pollution to our environment.

Solar power is popularly known as a clean, green source of energy and a good way of reducing your carbon footprint.

With the heavy dependence on fossil fuels as a source of energy, the market has become volatile in which energy prices fluctuate throughout the day.

You can protect yourself against unpredictable increases in prices by investing in solar power systems and enjoy free and stable electricity; the sun will never charge you.

There is also no need to apply for a permit when installing solar systems because solar panels are considered to be “permitted development”.

Now is the best time to invest in an alternative source of energy, now is the time to invest in solar power.


South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Solar energy is being received through radiation from the sun and can be converted to heat or electricity. It is renewable and harnessed freely and easily thanks to advances in technology.

Here are some benefits of solar energy:

Renewable Energy Source

The most important benefit of solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source. Unlike some of the other sources of energy, we cannot run out of solar energy.

It is environment-friendly

Solar energy, compared to any other energy source, has a low negative impact on the environment. It uses no emission of greenhouse gases or water pollution. Solar energy production creates zero noise, which is an advantage, especially for urban areas.

Reduction in your Energy Bill

Using solar energy means using less from the utility supplier and translating directly to energy bill savings. Energy self-reliance can be achieved if you produce enough energy.

The time frame of higher demand matches energy production

Energy consumption tends to be higher in the afternoon and early evening. Naturally, this is the period when sunlight is at its peak. Solar energy reaches its optimal production capacity during this period.

Diverse Applications

Solar energy is used for assorted purposes. It is used to generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal). Solar energy can also be used to distill water in regions with limited clean water supplies, which is especially useful for parts of San Antonio. It can also be integrated into the materials used for buildings, such as Sharp’s transparent solar energy windows.

Solar Energy is applicable in every location

Solar energy can be deployed anywhere as long as there is sunshine. Even remote locations without access to any other source of electricity, this is particularly useful. Solar energy is also used to power up boats for those fishing in the San Antonio, Frio or Medina rivers.

Electricity doesn’t need to be lost during long-distance transport

There is a loss of some of the energy during its transportation and distribution. If the distances between the production and the supply points are far more energy is lost. Having solar panels nearby significantly cuts this distance, thus increasing the productivity of the electrical system.

Better grid security

A high solar energy grid has numerous energy production installations, which are widely spread out. In the case of an overload of disasters, either natural or human-caused, there is less vulnerability to blackouts.

The cost of maintenance is low

Solar energy systems and panels generally do not require a lot of maintenance. There are no moving parts, so there is no wear and tear and only cleaning is required.

The energy that can be gathered from these solar panels can be used to power your home because sunlight is so abundant here in San Antonio, it ’s a lot cheaper too. Once panels are installed there are no other costs apart from maintenance now and again. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Finally, it’s a smart move to look at the future go solar. Are you living in San Antonio? Contact us for quality Solar Panels. We are located in San Antonio, serving all of south Texas.

CLICK HERE to request a Free Estimate.

South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Switching to a solar system in San Antonio

The ability to change your home to consume solar energy is one of the most significant benefits that exist today for the American people, given the countless benefits that bring to us extracting the power from nature instead of using the current energy.

These benefits are not only about saving money (although it is one of the most attractive if we want to be realistic), but there are also more profound benefits such as the advantage of knowing that you are contaminating much less, and being able to feel emotionally satisfied that you are doing your part for the environment.

Nowadays it is very easy to make the switch to solar in San Antonio, and more and more people are doing it because there is a variety of companies that can help you facilitate the process, as well as provide you with available incentives that promote you to make the initial expenditure less strong.

There is also excellent access to information through Texas television, radio, social networks and the internet in general, which allows us to make more detailed assessments to convince us that solar systems are the best for our properties in San Antonio.

There are solar systems for any type of property that you may have, whether it is commercial or residential, a building or land of work (prevalent in Texas), so inevitably you will find that they can offer you an ideal solar system for your needs, almost made especially for you.

Always remember that it is essential for a specialist to analyze your property and energy consumption to select the option that best suits your needs since each family and business in San Antonio has different levels of electricity consumption resulting in a different solar system for everyone.

At South Texas Solar Systems we want to help you to find your ideal solar system, one that covers all the needs you have and meets your expectations, that is why we created a process of 4 easy steps, through which you can achieve to install your solar system in your property and generate significant benefits for you and your family.

Throughout the process, there will be specialists who will accompany you and guide you to make the best decisions. Always remember: if you are happy, we are also pleased.

You can call the following number to contact a non-commissioned specialist for any questions or comments you may have: (210) 796-5616

South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

The biggest step in switching to solar, is deciding to do so! You don’t need to worry about the rest, because South Texas Solar Systems will be ready to guide you from there on out, starting with picking the system that works best for you!

To save you hours of research about what system to choose, we’ve summarized the information in a convenient manner below.

There are three main kinds of solar systems you can use to power your home or business:

  1. Grid-tied system:

The most common type of system is grid-tied, meaning anyone connected to a local power grid to can bring energy to their home through their panels, using the grid as backup on cloudy days and such.

For example, sunny months may bring a lot of production and actually cover all of your electric bill, and then some. This is when “credits” are applied to your bill, so perhaps the next month happens to be cloudy and your entire bill is not covered by your solar.

Credits can then be applied to that month! This of course depends on your utility company, but San Antonio’s own CPS goes by this very system!

This type of system is the cheapest option and offers the highest return on investment (ROI). This option is perfect for homeowners that are trying to save money on their electric bills, without having to completely leave their utility company.

  1. Off-grid systems:

South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Photo by @ajb retrieved from: Unsplash


The difference between a grid-tied and an off-grid solar system is just as their names state; grid-tied systems are “on the grid” while off-grid systems are not.

Off-grid solar power systems use their solar panels to charge a bank of batteries. These batteries can then power your home.

They are ideal for remote or undeveloped places with no access to utility power.

The number of batteries required for this type of system heavily depends on what appliances are wanted to be charged. Take, for example, a refrigerator.

We probably want that running throughout the day if we have food in there. We need the solar system to be able to charge the batteries because they are our backup source of power.

Unlike grid-tied systems, we rely on these batteries to keep our power on.

  1. Grid tied with backup:South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Photo by @gusruballo retrieved from: Unsplash

Even if your home is connected to the local utility company, there is the possibility of power outages during storms or otherwise, especially if your home is in a region with unreliable power.

If this is your case, the best solar option for you may be to stay connected to the grid (grid-tied), but have a battery bank that acts as a backup during power outages.

This system is more expensive and has a lower ROI than the solely grid-tied system, however it is still eligible for credits from the utility company,

At South Texas Solar Systems Inc., we strive to ensure whatever photovoltaic (PV) system you choose works perfectly for your needs. If you’ve already realized switching to solar is the best decision for you (and quite frankly, the world), what are you waiting for to make it happen?

Get a free quote today by clicking on the link below and find out how much you can save!


South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

Trending conversations of 2018: solar energy, eco-friendliness, transition to green energy, and overall just helping save the Earth. Despite the popularity of these topics, the installation of solar panels at home or at a business still seems like a remote idea for many.

It’s common to think that buying a solar system for a residence is a near-impossible task for the average American.

Some decide to go a different route and build a DIY solar system, thinking this will save them money. However, the complexity of this type of project should be taken into consideration.

At South Texas Solar, we custom design every system and take care of the whole process, which can be overwhelming without any prior experience.

Buying solar panels with a warranty, such as those offered by South Texas Solar like LG and Panasonic, will result in an immediate investment, as well as an increase in the value of your property as soon as the panels are installed.

As mentioned earlier, each system is customized according to each person’s electric bill and roof space at South Texas Solar.

Our starting process is super easy; we have provided here the following steps so you can start saving as soon as possible by switching to clean energy!

South Texas Solar systems images for installer on texas

First Step: The first step to going solar, is to get a free quote! You can request one here: www.stxsolarsystems.com/solarenergy. EASY!

Second Step: Let us know how much energy your residence or business consumes on a monthly basis. The more information on your kWh consumption you can provide, the more accurate your estimate and system will be.

We don’t want to under or oversize your system, so having a year’s worth of your usage would be best.

This step may sound like a hassle, but all that is needed is a current energy bill. Most of them include energy usage for the previous 12 months too.

Third Step: Once we have the above information, we can start designing your custom system! There are plenty of factors that we consider during this process, and that includes your kWh usage.

We also look at your roof from an aerial point of view to estimate how many panels can fit.

Not all roofs are created equal. We look at the type of roof… is it shingle? Standing seam? Tile? We also look at any extrusions on the roof, such as pipes, air vents, chimneys, etc.

Small pipes may be rerouted on certain occasions, but bigger obstructions are a bit more troublesome seeing as they may shade a good deal of the roof that may have otherwise been able to hold solar panels.

Another shading problem may stem from nearby trees.

Tree trimming or removal can help here. It’s essential to remember that the slightest shade affects the production of the panels.

The quote for the system is then created based on the design. An energy report is also created to see the estimated yearly production of the system.

Fourth Step: Now we are finally ready to consult with a solar specialist, one-on-one.

A meeting will take place where the quote and design will be reviewed.

Any pending questions can be answered at this time. Changes to what is presented to you can also be established.

We want to make sure you are happy with your future system! After you are satisfied with step four and sign with South Texas Solar, the steps toward installation begin!

Going solar with South Texas Solar is definitely the way to go. It’s not to say that a DIY system won’t work, however, in the hands of experienced, licensed, and qualified professionals, the process is guaranteed to save you time, trouble, and money!

We take charge from beginning to end, communicating with you at every step. If you’d like to get started, complete Step One by requesting a free quote today!  www.txsolarsystems.com/free-estimate

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