Trending conversations of 2018: solar energy, eco-friendliness, transition to green energy, and overall just helping save the Earth. Despite the popularity of these topics, the installation of solar panels at home or at a business still seems like a remote idea for many.

It’s common to think that buying a solar system for a residence is a near-impossible task for the average American.

Some decide to go a different route and build a DIY solar system, thinking this will save them money. However, the complexity of this type of project should be taken into consideration.

At South Texas Solar, we custom design every system and take care of the whole process, which can be overwhelming without any prior experience.

Buying solar panels with a warranty, such as those offered by South Texas Solar like LG and Panasonic, will result in an immediate investment, as well as an increase in the value of your property as soon as the panels are installed.

As mentioned earlier, each system is customized according to each person’s electric bill and roof space at South Texas Solar.

Our starting process is super easy; we have provided here the following steps so you can start saving as soon as possible by switching to clean energy!

First Step: The first step to going solar, is to get a free quote! You can request one here: EASY!

Second Step: Let us know how much energy your residence or business consumes on a monthly basis. The more information on your kWh consumption you can provide, the more accurate your estimate and system will be.

We don’t want to under or oversize your system, so having a year’s worth of your usage would be best.

This step may sound like a hassle, but all that is needed is a current energy bill. Most of them include energy usage for the previous 12 months too.

Third Step: Once we have the above information, we can start designing your custom system! There are plenty of factors that we consider during this process, and that includes your kWh usage.

We also look at your roof from an aerial point of view to estimate how many panels can fit.

Not all roofs are created equal. We look at the type of roof… is it shingle? Standing seam? Tile? We also look at any extrusions on the roof, such as pipes, air vents, chimneys, etc.

Small pipes may be rerouted on certain occasions, but bigger obstructions are a bit more troublesome seeing as they may shade a good deal of the roof that may have otherwise been able to hold solar panels.

Another shading problem may stem from nearby trees.

Tree trimming or removal can help here. It’s essential to remember that the slightest shade affects the production of the panels.

The quote for the system is then created based on the design. An energy report is also created to see the estimated yearly production of the system.

Fourth Step: Now we are finally ready to consult with a solar specialist, one-on-one.

A meeting will take place where the quote and design will be reviewed.

Any pending questions can be answered at this time. Changes to what is presented to you can also be established.

We want to make sure you are happy with your future system! After you are satisfied with step four and sign with South Texas Solar, the steps toward installation begin!

Going solar with South Texas Solar is definitely the way to go. It’s not to say that a DIY system won’t work, however, in the hands of experienced, licensed, and qualified professionals, the process is guaranteed to save you time, trouble, and money!

We take charge from beginning to end, communicating with you at every step. If you’d like to get started, complete Step One by requesting a free quote today!