Solar energy is the future that has already come.

Today, owning your power source it’s easier than ever in history. Clean energy from solar panels is the best way to care for the environment, not to say your finances.

Nevertheless, the uplifted price of solar systems may keep you from acquiring them. The truth is, you’re not making a heavy purchase, you’re making an investment.

If you are wondering, “Do solar panels increase home value” The answer is YES.

According to a Lawrence Berkeley study, adding solar panels to your home increase its value by more than $ 14,000 USD on average. Your home can be sold for 3.47% more compared to homes that doesn’t have a solar power system.

Investing in solar energy pays off alone with the elimination or huge reduction of electricity bills.

However, a common fear people have when they buy solar panels is that they won’t live in the same house throughout the years the system lives up to.

That is probably right considering most brands managed at South Texas Solar Systems Inc. give a 25-year warranty, plus the company’s warranty, and they often last longer than that.

Yet if you own your home, this won’t be a problem.

Even if it can vary from state to state and their respective regulations and tariffs on solar, it’s clear that solar energy systems drive up your property’s value and offer an appealing selling point for when your house hits the market.

Since the average is $14,000 USD and systems go from $10,000 to $18,000 it won’t be hard to recover your investment even if you move right away.

Yet, if you live in your home for the duration of the warranty, you can expect your grid-tied system pay off typically 2 or 3 times more than its cost in savings.

So next time you’re asking, “what’s my home worth”? or “What adds value to a home?”  think about going solar with South Texas Solar Systems Inc.! Click here to get a free quote today and see how much you can save:

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