Involving solar

On March 5, Geekdom Event Centre, located in Downtown San Antonio welcomed the community to a discussion on San Antonio’s developing Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP).

The discussion was led by the City of San Antonio’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Douglas Melnick. “A lot of this plan is going to depend upon where things are going technology-wise,” said Melnick.

Solar companies in San Antonio are part of that technology.

Currently, 85% of our emissions come from commercialized buildings. South Texas Solar Systems Inc. installed over 1,000 commercial and residential systems in the last 3 years.

More of our community is transitioning to a cleaner grid. Solar companies in San Antonio, such as South Texas Solar Systems are here to make that switch easy.     

According to the CAAP,  San Antonio has already achieved, “Recognition in 2018 as 6th in the nation for installing solar capacity with 161 Megawatts of installed capacity.” The CAAP has the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Solar is a cost-effective investment toward carbon-free energy.

According to the drafted plan, a couple of the CAAP implementation actions that involve solar are: educate the local building design and construction community about climate responsive, passive solar design strategies; and work with CPS Energy to incentivize the adoption of district-scale installations, such as community solar and district heating and cooling.

Solar companies in San Antonio, including South Texas Solar Systems, are releasing educational campaigns to inform the community about how the engineering and financial process works.

Melnick explained how the CAAP has identified investments, which has been the big conversation between stakeholders. “People want to know how much this is going to cost and the challenge is it is a high-level plan. Until we really pin down all the details with each strategy it’s difficult to put a number on it,” said Melnick.

San Antonio’s response to climate change is still in limbo, but the city and solar companies in San Antonio want to help utilize all the actions that can be made.

Solar companies in San Antonio are able to help you calculate how big of an investment you are making. At South Texas Solar Systems you can request a free quote and free solar design to help you on your decision to go solar.

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