South Texas Solar Systems Inc., completes solar panel installation on H-E-B Plus in Boerne, TX. 

In early November 2020, Tesla and subcontractor South Texas Solar Systems, Inc., (STSS), began the installation of H-E-B Plus, located at 420 W Bandera Rd., Boerne, TX. The system has 1,251 solar panels installed and 9 – 33kW inverters. 
STSS has completed more than 10 H-E-B installations as the subcontractor for Tesla. Dan Hudson, Commercial Project Manager, has been a part of each one.
He claimed that the Boerne installation was going to get done in a “new way.” Hudson explained, “Each inverter represents a system of its own. All modules connected to one inverter would be set, wire managed, and terminated, ultimately tested at the inverter level. Think of it as that system completed and on to the next.” 
Hudson said the difference with the installation process was using the PanelClaw FR Racking. “PanelClaw FR Racking allows you to layout array racking, ballast blocks, mechanical attachments, and the wire manage to the inverters before setting the modules. As long as the design is not riddled with jumpers and sleeves, there’s around a 15% to 20% cut in build time,” Hudson added.