Solar Solutions for Your Home

With the energy bills exponentially rising, going off-grid and using independent energy solutions seems to be the way forward.

With independent, eco-friendly and less-expensive energy solutions, solar solutions top the list. When you go solar, you become less dependent on the grid-system. You also become free from exorbitant deals because the part of the energy that comes from your home’s solar solutions will never get expensive than its initial installation cost.

As you read on, you’ll see the different home solar solutions you can adopt in your home to compliment your electricity provider.

  • Solar Tech:

A small capacity, yet still an efficient way of going solar is the use of the solar tech solution. A lot of people have no idea about the various solar alternatives that can substitute for some technologies they use on a daily basis.

Here are some popular tech products that can be found in solar alternatives:

    • Rechargeable flashlights
    • Solar powered chargers
    • Thermostats, etc.

These are just a few to mention, there are other household appliances that can be found in a solar alternative. This way, you can charge them using the rays from the sun rather than plugging them to the wall and running up your bills.

  • Solar Heating:

Heaters are one of the many home appliances that spike up electric bills (although depending on the power in KV).

However, with the advent of solar heaters- both space and water heaters, you can conveniently use them without the worry of your bills running high as they use solar energy to function.

If you have a pool in your home, solar-powered pool heaters are quite economic compared to regular pool heaters.

This home solar solution is a cheaper alternative to a solar roof and a regular heating system. It’s eco-friendly and efficient as well.

  • Solar Air Conditioning:

In your home, it is not news that air conditioning uses more energy than any other appliance. This alone can cost you a huge amount of money spent on electric bills every year.

Especially if you live in a region that is hotter than other areas. Investing in this home solar solution is the best way going forward on saving yourself from this huge cost.

This solution works like a solar water heating solution. It is also possible to set these home solar solutions in one unit in your home so you get both functionalities in one design and unit.

  • Solar Rooftop Panels:

The common and considerable way to go off-grid and slash high electric bills is to invest in solar rooftop panels.

Energy emitted from rooftop panels depends on the size of your house, and other factors pertinent to your home. However, a standard house uses about a kilowatt of power.

Although, before investing in this home solar solution it is advisable that you calculate the electrical capacity of your home and plan as you’re about to invest in this solution.

  • In Conclusion:

If you want a cleaner, cheaper alternative than the grid system invest in home solar solutions.

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