New Year, New Home Goals! If you’re looking to check home efficiency off your list for 2022, STSS is here to help you make a lasting change.

As soon as the year comes most people’s goals are to save money, and what better way than to use solar energy to do that. Moreover, the 2021 winter storm in Texas caught many of us off guard. Since then, many Texans have added home efficiency to their goals and added a Tesla home battery or a generator to their home to keep them protected and help them save money. Here’s how you can make your home more efficient by choosing the right panels and or batteries. 

How crucial is equipment when making the decisions about a solar system? Very crucial because there’s so many solar panels out there and there’s so many factors that are important to consider. There’s efficiency, there’s degradation. There’s the warranty that the solar panel has and then of course the coefficient temperature that it can produce. with certain premium solar panels, the coefficient temperature is very important because they actually produce better when it gets hotter compared to some of the economy panels. However, economy solar panels in Texas are still very good. Their efficiency rating is still in the high teens, close to 20. The most efficiency ratings are anywhere from 19 to 22 right now. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase economy solar panel equipment or the premium line, we do carry both. But, you’ll be happy to know that at STSS, whether you go with an economy or with a premium solar panel in Texas, you will be making the right investment. Why? Because we have the best warranties! Trust us, you want the right equipment working for you because the bumper to bumper warranty that these panels have is important. Our 25 year panel guard covers the labor of the product performance, shipping and then we place our stamp on it which covers the monitoring. Moreover, it covers the service maintenance. And then we cover the rooftop as well. Anywhere we replace that panel, we ensure that the roof is covered properly.  It also covers the cleaning of the panels, which is huge. That is one of the main things that really helps these solar panels stay working for the long term. 

Now, if you do have solar panels in Texas or you’re looking to do solar and batteries, as far as home efficiency goes, the most inquired home battery is the Tesla home battery, a.k.a Tesla Powerwall. Tesla is our biggest battery that we are pushing right now, because people like that battery due to its robust technology. The Tesla home battery or “Powerwall” can do so many things, it does its own diagnostics, it does troubleshooting on its own storm guard. Not to mention, that it will keep your home powered on. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a company you can trust, we have some of the biggest clients in business go solar with us.

We’ve gotten so SpaceX, which is a huge, huge accomplishment.

We have Tesla and then we have the H-E-Bs, which we’ve done close to twenty of those already.

That said, we are a company that is equipped to produce. If we produce that type of production for those facilities, imagine the possibilities that we can produce for your home. 

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