We’ve been in the solar business for over 14 years and we’ve learned that most homeowners want to go solar “to save money now”. So we went out and found Loanpal’s new product, Flexpay, that will help our customers lower their monthly payment to start saving immediately.

With access to Loanpal’s Flexpay, our new customers get the chance to have the lowest payment option so they can pay off their loan even faster. Continue reading to see how Flexpay works.


Firstly, Flexpay gives homeowners more options than ever before. Flexpay gives you, the customer, the lowest payment regardless of the situation, no matter what. It gives the customer the most flexibility on their payments but also their loan.

Secondly, Flexpay gives you the ability to pay what you want all the way down to just the interest that is due during the first 18 months. Any addition that you apply on top of the minimum payment due, just goes towards further decreasing what that fully amortized payment will become at month 19 and beyond. Customer can keep or apply the ITC and other incentives to the loan principal over multiple years.

Thirdly, Flexpay also gives you, the customer, the ability to reamortize every singly year, for the life of the loan. What that means is that if at month 18, during your initial reamortization, you don’t like what the payment is at month 19, every 12 month anniversary after that, you’ll have the ability to reamortize again, and again.

Moreover, if it’s a 25 year loan, you can do it every single year, for 25 years. What you would do is pay a minimum of $2,500 annually towards the loan, which will shrink your loan term and your payment. In other words, after the 18th month, borrowers can lower monthly payments when they make a new principal payment of $2500 or more. 

In sum, having access to Loanpal’s Flexpay will allow us, South Texas Solar Systems to offer you with this loan product giving you, the customer, full control for the life of the loan. You get to pick what your payment amount is and what your term length is.  

If you are thinking of going solar, there is no better time than now.

Thanks to Flexpay, our customers will get the opportunity to have the lowest payment amount compared to competitors. If you are interested in learning more, we’re happy to help. Contact us at 210-829-5420 or leave your information to REQUEST A FREE QUOTE and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Ask about our available rates: 25 year 1.98 flex loan