People all over the world are starting to invest in solar panel systems. And for a good reason – solar panels preserve energy, lower the electricity bill, and help save the planet. Moreover, because of the incredible advancements in technology, the installation, and the equipment are not that pricey anymore. These are all legitimate reasons why one should decide to outfit their roof with solar panels. However, if you opt for this, there are some things to do before your Austin solar installers arrive. But do not worry – what you have to do is not too time and energy-consuming. Still, it is necessary to ensure that going solar is the right thing for you and your home. 

Be Sure Your Roof Does Not Need Any Repairs 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when going solar is not fixing your roof. If your roof is old and hasn’t been renovated recently, chances are that it needs some upgrades. The Austin solar installers will tell you this too, but you will have to pay for the fee if they are the ones telling you. Thus, save yourself from this trouble and hire a contractor to check your roof before your Austin solar installers arrive. If some things need to be fixed – fix them right away. You will not be able to put anything on the roof until it is in perfect condition

Be Sure Your Roof Can Handle the Weight 

Another thing you must do before your solar installers arrive is to ensure your roof can handle the weight of solar panels. If it cannot, you might have to call to move you out of the house until your roof is replaced. Luckily, a collapsed roof is not a common sight when installing solar panels, but that is just because solar installers examine its condition before the installation takes place. Still, don’t wait for them. Examine the roof with the help of a contractor. Only a professional of this kind can help you save your roof (and yourself) from dangerous, and not to mention costly, situations. 

Moreover, if you have to make some changes to the roof to improve its condition and stability, do not try to cut corners. Yes, upgrading the roof is expensive, but you only do this once or twice in your life. The better materials you use and the better contractors you hire, the better roof you will have

Think About the Water Runoff 

Austin does not get a lot of rainfall, but rain is still present in the autumn and winter months. And, when it starts raining, the water should go into the gutters and away from your home. However, solar panels might prevent water from running freely and, thus, cause a lot of problems. One of the most common problems of this kind, for instance, is when solar panels change the direction of water, creating leaks and other issues. So, when you do find the right Austin solar installers, be sure to talk to them about this. Have them present you with a plan that solves these kinds of problems. Do not leave this for some other time – the rain may ruin your roof and solar panels and force you to replace everything

Familiarize Yourself with Local Regulations 

Much like when building a pool or shed, you will need to get some approvals before you start. In some cases, you need the permission of your local building department, and in some, your utility company. Either way, the process of getting these approvals can last a long time. If you are lucky, you will wait for a couple of weeks; if not, you may end up waiting a year. Thus, as soon as you decide to install solar panels, familiarize yourself with local Austin regulations and apply for the necessary permits. Start by gathering the paperwork – building plan, equipment specifications, the system’s electrical design, etc. Then, talk to your utility company about net metering – you need to make an agreement with them about your excess electricity. 

Nowadays, we have regulations for pretty much everything. Even when placing items in storage – besides finding the right place, one must also read the rules and see what can and cannot be placed inside. Thus, whatever you decide to do, make sure you familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations – if you do not, it may end up costing you a lot of your time, energy, and of course, money

Understand the Available Incentives 

Last but certainly not least, one of the things to do before your Austin Solar Installers arrive is to understand the available incentives. Namely, each state and each city offer some kind of help when it comes to going solar. They do this to motivate people to go green. So, why not take advantage of that? For example, you can apply for the so-called 26% solar investment tax credit available to anybody who has solar panels and who pays taxes in Austin, Texas, and everywhere across the United States of America. Besides this national incentive, you can also apply for the state’s or city’s incentive. Some of those incentives offer you discounts for solar equipment, installation, etc. Research solar incentive programs in advance. All of them require a lot of paperwork and time for approval. Sometimes this can last for months! Most people consult their solar installers about this. And, although they can be of great help, they are still not experts in this area. Only experienced professionals can help you run your solar proposal and guide you through the entire process