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South Texas Solar Systems: Go solar for $0 down for 3 months

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re tired of paying hundreds on your energy bill, now is the time to invest in solar energy.

South Texas Solar Systems have been designing, installing and maintaining quality solar systems since 2007.

💰You can even eliminate up to 75-100% of your electric bill with solar energy!

South Texas Solar Systems customer review:

This man is paying little to nothing on his electric bill!

A customer who has bought solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems said, “I can’t stress how good of a deal you can have with solar.”
The first bill that this customer had from CPS Energy was only eight dollars after he went solar, the rest of his bills have been for twenty cents.

“They are the ones I trust. I would refer them to anyone,” said the customer.

The customer said, “South Texas Solar Systems is the best solar company I’ve worked with. I checked around and they are the ones who took care of me.”

Benefits of investing in solar panels

1. $0 Money Down

When you switch to solar panels at South Texas Solar Systems you pay nothing out of pocket.

2. $0.68 Per Watt Rebate

The rebates from CPS Energy are only during a certain time of the year. Make sure to ask CPS Energy when the rebate period ends.

3. 26% Federal Tax Credit

Say what?! You can even get up to 30 percent of your money back when you file your taxes for 2018.

Dan Moran, vice president of marketing/sales, South Texas Solar Systems said, “When you invest in solar you’re investing in your families future.”

To request your quote with South Texas Solar Systems, you can CLICK HERE or call (210) 796-5616

South Texas Solar Systems is located at 10203 Kotzebue, San Antonio, TX 78217.

How do solar panels work in the Texas Solar Market?

The Texas Solar Market works to help build a reliable power grid. In April 2019, San Antonio based-Mission Solar Energy held their annual fiesta event with sessions on trending topics.

The Texas Solar Power Association Executive Director, Charlie Hemmeline, spoke about the Texas Solar Market.

Texas Solar Power Association Executive Director, Charlie Hemmeline

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), is an integrated grid. Even though, solar is installed in different parts of Texas everything is connected.

The ERCOT grid operator pays attention to the total amount of resources online at any time.

The grid operator supplies the meet and demand to keep the grid on.

“As solar grows they have to be very clear about what we are going to produce, so they can know how to plan and know what they can count on at 3 o’clock on a hot summer day when the grid is maxed out,” said Hemmeline.

   Consumers wonder how do solar panels work or perform as expected? Solar is dependable because we know when the sun is going to shine.

Even though clouds do happen, they don’t happen statewide at the exact same time. In July of 2018, while Texas was experiencing a heatwave, “solar produced almost exactly as expected, in fact, a little more,” said Hemmeline.

   A look at we are at today with the context of the grid is that power is needed. ERCOT measures a planning reserve margin, which right now is at 7.4 percent.

Policy makers would like to have a planning reserve margin of 13.75 percent.

Hemmeline added, “Solar is making an actual grid wide contribution now. We are helping raise this reserve margin because solar is growing more than any other resource and we are actually boosting those reserve margins.” In order for us to attain the other half of the reserve margin, in accordance with policymakers, the bill must pass on distributed generation and consumer protection.

Both of those factors fall under the incentive programs that are available to help homeowners or businesses go solar.

But how do solar panels work for the wholesalers? With all the innovation happening with the economics of solar we are seeing more players getting involved, such as the oil and gas industries.

Hemmeline explained, “The transmission and distribution utilities, such as Oncor, Centerpoint, and AEP are now interested in using storage facilities for distribution level reliability. The Texas rules as they are right now are unclear on if whether they are allowed to do that.”

However, Hemmeline stated there is a bill moving through, “that would give [transmission and distribution utilites] the authorization to contract with a third party provider of storage to provide those storage services if they see it’s cheaper than building new poles and wires.” It caps at 40MW statewide.

The Texas Solar Market will continue to look at the 50,000MW of solar that has been used for recent development in more than 80 counties and all over the state of Texas.

Did you see that power grid?

Chances are you’ve daydreamed in the passenger’s seat while being driven and didn’t notice all the power distribution grid power lines.

The power grid starts in places where electricity is generated. Electricity once was made only at central power stations, which usually ran on fossil fuels.

Today the technology has improved more, and cleaner options for energy generation are available.

Distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar panel systems, can be cheaper because they generate electricity closer to home.

That means fewer long power-transmission lines and other expensive grid infrastructure required for centralized distribution.

Having a rooftop solar panel system installed also means you are connecting your own generated electricity back to the grid.

Here in the state of Texas, we have our own power grid, the Texas Interconnection, managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The Texas energy market is in favor of cleaner energy.

San Antonio has a goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.

This is why at South Texas Solar Systems Inc. we stay up to date with the innovative technology in our rooftop solar panel systems, ground mount systems, and inverters.

We’ve been providing our clients with the best customer service since 2007.

Rooftop solar panel systems are in demand to help customers save money on electric bills or help better our climate.

At South Texas Solar Systems, we help customers go solar with a zero upfront cost and without paying for the first three months.

The next time you are in the passenger’s seat daydreaming, you may instead notice the rooftop solar panel systems already generating their own electricity.

Get your free estimate and switch to solar energy with South Texas Solar Systems Inc. CLICK HERE to #GoSolar.

Local Solar Power in Texas

The solar industry influences our local communities and local businesses to join the solar movement and learn how we can create a better, affordable lifestyle.

San Antonio is home base to Mission Solar Energy, a solar panel manufacturer.

They are currently the longest running crystalline solar panel manufacturer in the United States.

Mission Solar Energy is a 320,000 sqft. Facility sitting on 86 acres.

And while our sun is hard at work converting its sunlight to electricity through a solar panel system; inside Mission Solar is where the hard work of 165 employees is taking place.

Mission Solar’s parent company is OCI Company Ltd. Korea. OCI is the third largest polysilicon mining company in the world.

Mission Solar is the only entity that makes solar modules in the OCI Family of Companies. Of the US Solar Panel makers that were in business during the Section 201 petitions, Mission Solar Director of Commercial Operations, Paul Mutchler said, “Ironically, we are the only ones left, but we have new [entities] coming on, so we still have to keep our pencils sharp.”

As leaders in the solar panel manufacturing industry, Mission Solar has been South Texas Solar Systems manufacturer since 2016.

Plant Manager, Frank Pham said, “Renewable energy has now evolved into grid parity.” Which means it is equivalent to the same cost as it is to burn coal or a coal generation power plant. Making the switch to solar power is a positive investment to your present and future.

Engineers are all about the future and in the west coast they are designing integrated systems. Pham added, “That’s what engineers are doing in the west coast and that’s what we are developing and that can be done for both Bifacial and monofacial [modules] on residential rooftop.”

The overall savings from a solar panel system are why homeowners and businesses have adopted a rooftop solar panel system or ground mount.

Contact your local solar energy consultants at South Texas Solar Systems to find out more. Go Solar!


If you already know all the benefits that solar power energy brings to the environment, and you’re searching for the best solar system with the top technology of the market and with the best prize, you don’t have to keep looking around.

In South Texas Solar Systems Inc. we have been renovating our solar system with the best brands of the market, as Tesla for example; and we have been training all of our staff with the purpose of serve our clients the best way possible.

At South Texas Solar Systems Inc., we worry about our client’s economy that is why you will find the best prices of the market with us.

Also, we count with a zero upfront cost and three months without paying! If that offer hasn’t convinced you, tell me what do you think about the two maintenance service you will get for FREE every year!


I got great news for you! There is 26% Federal Tax credit, meaning that the federal government will pay 26% of the system at the moment that you do your taxes.

Also, the local government has utility rebates that go up to $0.68 per Watt, but it changes according to the city that you live.  If you have any doubt of the government rebates, we can explain on our social media pages or through our web page.