Local Solar Power in Texas

The solar industry influences our local communities and local businesses to join the solar movement and learn how we can create a better, affordable lifestyle.

San Antonio is home base to Mission Solar Energy, a solar panel manufacturer.

They are currently the longest running crystalline solar panel manufacturer in the United States.

Mission Solar Energy is a 320,000 sqft. Facility sitting on 86 acres.

And while our sun is hard at work converting its sunlight to electricity through a solar panel system; inside Mission Solar is where the hard work of 165 employees is taking place.

Mission Solar’s parent company is OCI Company Ltd. Korea. OCI is the third largest polysilicon mining company in the world.

Mission Solar is the only entity that makes solar modules in the OCI Family of Companies. Of the US Solar Panel makers that were in business during the Section 201 petitions, Mission Solar Director of Commercial Operations, Paul Mutchler said, “Ironically, we are the only ones left, but we have new [entities] coming on, so we still have to keep our pencils sharp.”

As leaders in the solar panel manufacturing industry, Mission Solar has been South Texas Solar Systems manufacturer since 2016.

Plant Manager, Frank Pham said, “Renewable energy has now evolved into grid parity.” Which means it is equivalent to the same cost as it is to burn coal or a coal generation power plant. Making the switch to solar power is a positive investment to your present and future.

Engineers are all about the future and in the west coast they are designing integrated systems. Pham added, “That’s what engineers are doing in the west coast and that’s what we are developing and that can be done for both Bifacial and monofacial [modules] on residential rooftop.”

The overall savings from a solar panel system are why homeowners and businesses have adopted a rooftop solar panel system or ground mount.

Contact your local solar energy consultants at South Texas Solar Systems to find out more. Go Solar!