Solar Installations

How do you know you have hired good installers for solar panels? There can be a few ways to feel good about who is installing your solar panel system. Start by asking to see credentials. Next, if you are on-site as they arrive, take a look at their uniform and vehicle. 

Remember, this blog is called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Things About Solar, but let’s face it there are also good, bad, and ugly uniforms for installers for solar panels. 

Consumers can feel more at ease with a uniformed worker working on top of their roofs. 

Then again, you usually won’t see the installers on the installation day, but there are other ways to know if you have good installers. Check to see if the installers cleaned up any mess in the work area. Trash and equipment should always be picked up and disposed of by the solar installers. This is important to know if you have good installers for solar panels. If installers did not pick up after themselves, you should report them to their supervisor or general manager. 

Another efficient way of knowing you have good installers for solar panels is by taking a look at the complete installation. A good solar installer is only as good as the way he leaves his work. A good installation will look clean, straight, and with no wires hanging out. 

Good installers for solar can also be noted by references with residential or commercial. Most solar installation companies will have a reference to confirm credibility or a portfolio of completed installs to view. 

There are many ways to scope out good solar installers for solar panels. 

Now you know there are good installers for solar panels available. 

Beware of the bad solar installers and the ugly solar installation uniforms