Download Advocator app to start earning cash for solar referrals

Start Earning Cash For Solar Referrals SAN ANTONIO – Do you have solar or just want to make extra money without getting up? You can make $500 right from your phone on the Advocator app just for recommending your friends and family to South Texas Solar Systems.South Texas Solar Systems referral giveaway

  • (Reward 1) Get $500 for your friend going solar.
  • (Reward 2) Get $15 for an appointment.
  • (Total Reward) Get up to $515 from South Texas Solar Systems.

Steps to download the Advocator app 

1. Download the App and create your account.

2. Choose an STSS representative or no representative and start sending referrals.

3. Enter the STSS company code 2357.

4. Follow the status of your referrals plus rewards.

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