South Texas Solar Systems, Inc. can help you save big by investing in solar!

“The solar panel harnesses the sun and transfers that energy to your home,” said Dan Moran, Vice President of Marketing. “You will save a lot of money by switching to solar.”

South Texas Solar Systems customer review:

This man is only paying 20 cents a month on his energy bill!

“South Texas Solar Systems took care of me,” said Mr. Perez, a South Texas Solar Systemscustomer. “They are the ones I would trust and refer to anyone.”

“I can’t stress how good of a deal you can have with solar,” Perez said. “The first energy bill was probably $8 because it was a partial month, but after that it was 20 cents.”
South Texas Solar Systems will be at Earth Day San Antonio🌳🌺

You can speak with a South Texas Solar Systems representative about saving with solar.

Earth Day SAN ANTONIO is Saturday, April 21 at Woodlawn Lake Park from 10-3 p.m.

Images are shown below with solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems.


Four reasons you should invest in solar

  1. $0.68 per watt rebate from CPS Energy
  2. Start with $0 down
  3. 26% federal tax credit
  4. No payment for three months

Check to see if your home qualifies for solar at or call (210) 796-5616

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