SAN ANTONIO – Along with solar, battery backups are the future!

One of the most annoying occurrences in life is when the grid goes down and you lose power. It seems like our lives are consumed by smartphones, computers, electricity, TVs you name it.

Now there is a solution that will guarantee you always have some form of power in your home! South Texas Solar Systems now offers battery backups for every home. Here’s why you should invest in a battery backup: Reduce electricity bills with solar self-consumption Power is available during blackouts

Protect our environment for a more sustainable life

“A few weeks ago I had about a three-hour-long power outage. My 1-year old woke up because her lullaby noise was eliminated. She then woke up my 4-year-old son. My wife was up the entire night.”

CPS Energy solar rebate program — money back in your pocket! Since 2009, thousands of San Antonio residents have taken advantage of the CPS Energy solar rebate program to drive down the upfront cost of solar.

With no upfront cost and no installation cost, you’re immediately saving money on your overall financial budget.

You are able to reinvest those funds back into your family, home improvements, or college tuition when you invest in solar energy.

Battery backups will ensure you have power when the grid goes down

“If the grid goes down, your battery backup will kick in, and you can keep a room or two running in your home until the grid is able to come back up,” said Rodriquez.

LG Chem batteries are now offered at South Texas Solar Systems!
It’s never too late to invest in your family’s future.
3 reasons why you should invest in solar panels

Zero money down

$0.68 per watt rebate

26% federal tax credit

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