Deciding which brand we should go for is a tough one in almost everything we are planning to obtain, especially if the brands we are comparing are very similar or have equivalent pros and cons.

In the solar energy market it is no different. With newer and fancier technologies uprising as fast as light, solar panel brands are getting extra competitive each day to ensure they become the top pick for eco-friendly buyers.

Fortunately, the team of South Texas Solar Systems Inc. has broken down for you the advantages and disadvantages of the best brands for solar panels.

How much are solar panels is not always correlated on how efficient they are. To realize how efficient is solar energy, we’d have to compare companies that have global recognition for their qualities and warranties.

These companies, such as LG corporation, Panasonic, Mission Solar, SMA Solar Technology and Enphase Energy, have the highest standards for when it comes to quality and durability, from industrial power systems to solar panels for rv roof and micro inverters technology.

  1. LG Corporation:

When it comes to solar panels LG has a rigorous quality control. Not to mention that they are committed to a zero carbon emission evaluation and provide the costumer with a 25 year warranty for each product (plus the warranty the company provides as well) Some of their solar panels have been awarded with eco-friendly certifications such as the Carbon-Free certified label.

This thanks to a life-cycle assessment from raw materials to disposal. They are made in Korea and hold an industry-leading efficiency. The only con may be the slightly higher price per panel, which rounds $480 dollars each. Nevertheless, you are paying for the quality you are having so it ends up being a really accurate price.

  1. Panasonic:

Panasonic holds, as well, the lead in eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

However, they do have lower prices than LG with solar panels starting at $415 USD for each Panasonic solar panel without compromising the efficiency and reliability tag they have earned through time. This Japanese company’s manufacturing processes are always attached and faithful to their remarkable cultural values.

Their warranty for their products is also a 25 year one.

  1. Mission Solar Energy:

As South Texas Solar Systems Inc. states on its website, Mission Solar Energy is passionate about manufacturing state-of-the-art solar technology that is guaranteed to last and is committed to continuing to provide the world with new solar technology through continued research and innovation.

This Texas-based company produces high-quality solar modules for a variety of rooftops and ground applications providing clean and accessible power across the globe. Their huge advantage is their price: starting at $380 USD per solar panel.

  1. Enphase Energy:

Headquartered in Petaluma, California, this American brand designs and manufactures software-driven home energy solutions and a web-based monitoring and control. That is already a pro when it comes to avant-garde solar panel installation.

This company has shipped about ten million solar micro inverters to North America, Europe and Australia and they are the first company in the world to successfully commercialize this item on a wide scale remaining a market leader.

  1. SMA Solar Technology AG

System, Mess, and Anlagentechnik, or SMA Solar Technology is a German solar energy equipment founded in 1981.

They produce and manufacture mainly solar inverters for photovoltaic systems with grid connection, off-grid power supply and backup operations. They have the highest turnover in the world and the best known in Germany for photovoltaic installations.

They’ve also achieved a turnover of 1900 mill. of euros worldwide, concentrating on the development and manufacturing of systems technology for photovoltaic installations, which makes them a trustworthy enterprise when it comes to solar energy.

At the end, if you’re investing in solar energy, the price or brand tag alone may tell you a thing or two about price or trustworthiness, but it is not until you find out which one covers your needs better, that you realize which one works best for your home or business. Luckily, the first step of going solar is just a click away.

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