Consumers in Texas who want to go solar are doing it and loving it. With products for solar energy, helping modify a customers roof preference; rooftop solar panel installations are happening more and more.   

Take a look at S-5! Metal Roof Innovations, LTD., a metal roof direct attachment clamps, and brackets manufacturer. The clamps are a useful product for solar installers and solar consumers. “The clamps are primarily used for metal applications, S-5! clamps are going to attach to the standing seam without penetrating the roof panel,” said Clint Funderburk, VP of Marketing for LMCurbSolar, a distributor of S-5! products. 

S-5! is located in Iowa Park, TX. Fifteen years ago the company was introduced to the solar market. 

Other useful products for solar energy come from the solar racking manufacturer Ecolibrium Solar, based out of Athens, OH and Boulder, CO. For example, the EcoFoot, a solar panel mounting and racking system used for commercial flat roofs or their EcoX Universal railless flush mount for residential installations. 

“[What] we are super excited about right now is the Metal X, [made] for any kind of metal roof system,” said Jason Comstock, training manager at Ecolibrium Solar. 

The Metal X, is a racking system that consists of small components making it beneficial for solar installers. 

But when it comes to preassembled parts that make flat roof racking installations quick and easy, Comstock highlights on the EcoFoot5D.

“It’s easy to ship, transport, [the] logistics [on] getting it to the roof, [and] moving it around. All of the bonding is integrated into the system, which is nice. You don’t have to worry about putting in a bunch of ground lugs or running a bunch of copper or ground wire because all the bonding is integrated into the racking,” explained Comstock. 

Products for solar energy are being introduced to the solar market to meet the needs of the consumer and installers. 

In fact, some solar manufacturers are collaborating to maintain innovative flow. Ecolibrium Solar acknowledged the fact they had a great solution for clamping to the panel, whereas others had great solutions for metal roof attachments. 

“We got ahold of S-5! and they provided us with a really great attachment solution for our panel and corrugated metal roofs,” said Comstock. “We think it is going to be great in Texas because there are so many metal roofs here.”

Whether you are a commercial or residential solar consumer there are products for solar energy that are being made to better the customer and installer.