If you want your business to save money, we recommend you install COMMERCIAL SOLAR PANELS.

[South Texas Solar Systems] is one of the most trusted solar energy installers in Texas. Some of our SOLAR PANEL BUSINESS installations can be found at pioneer businesses like H-E-B and Tesla Car Dealerships. You’re probably wondering why should your business go solar? Today, more than ever, businesses of all sizes and sectors are going solar for the following three reasons. 

1) Save on electricity bills

BUSINESSES USING SOLAR ENERGY will increase their savings and reduce their electric bill, drastically. Companies that are not using COMMERCIAL SOLAR PANELS are throwing away money. In other words, they’re basically renting their light instead of owning it. That said, the more you can generate your own power, the more you’ll be saving. The long-term solar savings for a business are substantial compared to what you would be paying the utility company. The savings that people get from going solar are all dependent on how much energy your business uses. But one thing is for sure, that you will get your ROI, no matter what and that is a fact.

2) Locked in electricity price for decades

SOLAR POWER in BUSINESSES give owners control over the volatile rates that the light companies increase year after year.  Most don’t notice the increases on the cost your light company charges, because they do it subtly. Plus, there is no escaping those unexpected hidden fee charges. 

3) Benefit from incentives – The Federal solar tax credit

The investment tax credit (ITC) also known as the federal solar tax credit is worth 26% of your total system’s cost.

That means, you can deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM FOR BUSINESS purposes from your federal taxes and there is no limit on its value. In fact, the federal solar tax credit of 2020 is the final year you can claim the full 26%. Which means more money for your business, faster ROI and greater profits for you.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and as soon as January 2021, that ITC will lower to 22% of your total system’s costs. Moreover, in January 2022, this ITC for COMMERCIAL SOLAR PANEL projects will decrease to a mere 10%. 

We also offer our customers the options on where they can install their SOLAR PANELS FOR COMMERCIAL energy.

Although most SOLAR PANELS FOR BUSINESSES get placed on the rooftop, we also offer our customers the option of placing their solar panels on a large parking shade structure or an off-grid system.

It all depends if they have available land adjacent to their place of business.

If you are ready to learn more about how solar will increase your savings and reduce your electric bill, request a [Free Estimate] and learn how much your business can save with solar.