You already know all of the benefits that renewable energy brings to the environment.

But have you heard the reasons that incentivize Texans to get solar energy? We’ll briefly discuss the Texas solar incentives below.

1) Raising the value of your property.

Solar panels will help you with raising the value of your property

Solar panel power not only helps you slash your electricity bill, it also helps adds value to your home.

It depends on various factors, but overall, most homeowners with solar panels see an increase of around 4% on their home’s value. If you ask us, that is a huge incentive to get solar power in Texas.

2) The solar output in Texas is excellent.

Another reason why Texas Solar Power incites homeowners to switch to renewable energy is that the solar output in Texas is excellent.

Mathematically, the ROI of installing a solar system is excellent here in Texas, mostly because we get sunshine all year round. However, in other areas that don’t receive a lot of sun throughout the year, the ROI is still good, but not as good as if it had all the sunshine we get in Texas.

Additionally, if your solar panels cover 100% of your Kilowatt usage, you may be able to sell back any additional energy back to the utility company. 

3) The rising cost of electricity provides a strong incentive to switch to solar energy.

In this paragraph, we’ll go over why the rising cost of electricity provides more than enough encouragement for Texans to switch to solar.

First of all, you must know that your electric utility company is a monopoly and the government regulates how much they can increase their rate.

As a result, a lot of utility companies usually raise their rate on average 8%-12% (or more), year after year. Which means that next year, your light bill will be 8%-12% higher than it is now. Moreover, the 2nd year after that, your light bill will be 16% – 24% higher than it is now. Fast-forward to 5 years from now and you’re looking to see an increase of 40% or more on your light bill.

And so on and so forth, for the rest of your life! On the other hand, the price of installing solar panels on your roof are lower than ever and you’re locked into your fixed rate. Yet another reason why Texas Solar Energy is the best solution.

4) The government offers special tax solar energy incentives for Texas homeowners for switching to solar.

The 2020 investment tax credit (ITC) [THE SOLAR ENERGY FEDERAL TAX CREDIT] rewards smart homeowners with a  26% tax credit for investing in solar energy. This credit can be used to pay off your taxes or it can be used to pay down the balance on your solar system project cost. This ITC of 26% will expire at the end of 2020.

Moreover, this incentive will be reduced to 21% in 2021 and completely disappear in 2022. That said, there is no better time for homeowners to go solar to take advantage of the federal tax credit to help pay for a solar power system. 

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