How can Texans help create a safe and affordable future?

Texas is known to be one of the fastest-growing states in the renewable energy sector, but what renewable energy is most affordable? 

Wind energy is exceptional for vast companies generating on wind farms. However, two accessible consumer-friendly tools to start using renewable energy are through a solar system for homes and solar supplies. 

Take a look at new homes, for example, say you just bought a new home in a new subdivision and wonder if the solar system for homes is acceptable. Chances are yes because with a new home comes a new roof. Any solar panel system or solar supplies on a new roof or in the house is one of the best moves a new homeowner can make. 

Benefits of being a new homeowner and going solar:

  1. Property Tax Exemption (Application Form Available)
  2. Receiving the new homeowner incentives and rebates in your area
  3. Helping create a better climate 
  4. Reducing your high electric bill 
  5. Helping you remain cash flow positive while paying your new mortgage 

Texas native or not, Texas homeowners are switching to solar for many different reasons. Sooner than later, new homes may even require having on a solar system for homes. 

Now renewable energy advocates are preparing to legislate for new homes to require a solar system for homes.

According to a recently published article in PV Magazine USA, Bronte Payne, director of Environment American’s Go Solar campaign said, ”Three of those states where new housing construction is expected to be strong – Texas, North Carolina, and Colorado—could add significant amounts of solar under a new home solar mandate.

The state of Texas hasn’t grown in size, but it has grown in energy usage.

The fact is we need electricity to house us all. So if you are in the new home market or home improvement market, solar supplies and solar systems for homes will help create a safe and affordable future for whatever comes our way next.

PV Magazine USA: