So you’re ready to go solar but aren’t sure what model of solar panels to purchase. Easy, if you are looking for a familiar brand, such as Panasonic you’d likely choose Panasonic solar panels. Question is, why? 

Panasonic has been recognized as a leader in sustainability for nine consecutive years and continues to grow in the renewable energy sector. According to the website on, “[Panasonic has] been a pioneer in solar photovoltaic panels, electric vehicle batteries and data center battery-backup solutions, as well as new technologies like hydrogen fuel cells.” 

Here’s a quick overview. Solar produces energy to power your home, but did you know the hotter the day the better Panasonic panels will perform. If you live in a region with temperatures reaching 90 to 100 degrees, “Along with module efficiency, the temperature coefficient is one of the most important specifications to compare when shopping for solar panels,” according to Panasonic’s literature. This is why the Panasonic solar panels HIT is a popular choice when purchasing a solar panel system. 

The temperature coefficient in solar panels is important to research especially if living in south Texas. Hot temperatures arrive more annually than not. 

As Panasonic likes to put it “Not all solar panels are created equal.” That is true, they are not all made equal.

Panasonic provides a secondary choice for aesthetics, such as the Panasonic solar panels black series AC Module. “N330E Black Series AC Module combines the efficiency of HIT solar panels with the intelligence of Enphase microinverters,” as stated on These microinverters are integrated with HIT solar technology and deliver maximum power production.

So you’re ready to go solar and considering choosing Panasonic solar panels, that’s great! Be sure to get installed by an Authorized or Premium Installer to receive Panasonic’s Triple Guard Warranty.

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