You still don’t fully believe in a home solar system, but you are warming up to the idea?

Okay, that was a bad joke. We’ve all heard a bad joke or even jokes, but what do we know about bad things about a home solar system?

You’re probably thinking, Why would I believe in a home solar system now? 

Because with every good product there can be a bad pre-production or post-production dilemma. Bad things come in all shapes in sizes, for instance, a bad solar presentation from a sales representative. Now, not only have you spent time and interest in going solar, but have been presented false or unlikely information to move forward with the purchase of a home solar system. 

Have you ever seen a stage clown perform a bad performance? How about dress in a poor costume? A bad solar presentation can be like a bad clown performer having no practice, unprepared, and unknowledgeable. 

A bad thing about a home solar system is the way it can be presented. When solar was new to our market, representatives made sales, some, unfortunately, on bad terms. Meaning you didn’t receive proper instructions on what to expect during and after install, you didn’t receive proper information on how the Federal Tax Credit for solar works or you didn’t receive a warranty when service or maintenance is needed. 

Presentations on a home solar system should never be over one hour unless discussing a commercial solar system installation. Presentations on a home solar system are an important part of your decision making. 

A bad presentation can lead to a bad purchase. 

Get to know your solar representative. Ask for references. Look out for bad solar presentations.