You see solar panels popping up all around your neighborhood, so how much does a solar panel cost?

Finding out your total solar panel cost will depend on the following various factors:

First, your home’s yearly kilowatt use. You can find this on your monthly electricity bills. Then, your solar energy consultant is able to design a solar project estimate. That solar estimate will be based on how much electricity you currently use in your home. Which will affect the solar System size based on your yearly Kilowatt current usage. 

Another important factor is how much sun your roof gets. You may not produce enough solar power if your home gets very little sun, because there’s something blocking it.

Now lets talk about the actual material which is a solar panel and inverter, which also affect cost. There’ s different brands of solar panels to choose from.

One we strongly recommend is Panasonic HIT. It is the most efficient panel we offer and it comes with a 25 year warranty. 

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You may have to pay more for this quality of solar panels. Also, which solar inverter you choose to install. A solar inverter is what powers your home when you go solar. It is what changes direct current power into the alternating current power.

A big factor of solar panel cost is if you want a battery, to store all your energy. Other costs are labor, installation paperwork, permits, or checkups fees. But most solar companies include this in the solar panel cost

There are factors that will help reduce your overall  project costs. Check for any available solar rebates and incentives from the government and local energy providers. Which can speed up your return on investment.

Right now, there’s the 26% Tax Credit that the government offers for home’s that switch to solar energy.

You know a smart solar investment will give your family clean power and energy savings for 25 years or more. South Texas Solar Systems Inc. has been designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems professionally in South Texas since in 2007.

We’re here to support you through every stage of ownership. 

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