How can you save money for your future? By investing in solar power.

How can you be certain that this investment will last? By trusting one of America’s trusted name brands that offer you a Triple Guard Warranty with product, performance, and labor.

Last question.

Where do you find the best Panasonic solar price? When you purchase with a Premium Panasonic Installer.

As we all know with purchase comes a price. Looking for a solar price is easy as you get multiple quotes from installers. However, don’t overlook a Panasonic solar price for a bonus or add on. While looking at a Panasonic solar price, look at the warranty offered. Panasonic offers Premium Installers an enhanced 25-year product workmanship warranty. “This enhanced Panasonic Warranty is one you can trust. Since most issues with solar modules are the result of poor installation practices, we are offering this workmanship warranty to premium partners with a proven reputation for installation quality,” according to Panasonic Solar literature.

There are only four Panasonic Premium Installers in Texas. One of the Premium Installers was awarded the Southwest Region Installer of the Year award in 2018 and 2019.

Solar power should be installed by a solar installer with proper licensing.

You’ve got your price from your Panasonic Premium Installer, now you can look into financing payment plans, rebates, and incentives. Make sure the solar price you receive includes all rebates and incentives added to the total price.

Price makes a difference when it comes to investing in a better future. While you can’t put a price on solar power, you can put a good solar price on your roof or property.


Always review your solar installer’s certifications.

Ask to provide proof of being a Premium Installer.

Make sure all rebates and incentives have been added to the solar price.

For more information from a Panasonic Premium Installer call (210)796-5616