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Month: March 2020

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How can you save money for your future? By investing in solar power.

How can you be certain that this investment will last? By trusting one of America’s trusted name brands that offer you a Triple Guard Warranty with product, performance, and labor.

Last question.

Where do you find the best Panasonic solar price? When you purchase with a Premium Panasonic Installer.

As we all know with purchase comes a price. Looking for a solar price is easy as you get multiple quotes from installers. However, don’t overlook a Panasonic solar price for a bonus or add on. While looking at a Panasonic solar price, look at the warranty offered. Panasonic offers Premium Installers an enhanced 25-year product workmanship warranty. “This enhanced Panasonic Warranty is one you can trust. Since most issues with solar modules are the result of poor installation practices, we are offering this workmanship warranty to premium partners with a proven reputation for installation quality,” according to Panasonic Solar literature.

There are only four Panasonic Premium Installers in Texas. One of the Premium Installers was awarded the Southwest Region Installer of the Year award in 2018 and 2019.

Solar power should be installed by a solar installer with proper licensing.

You’ve got your price from your Panasonic Premium Installer, now you can look into financing payment plans, rebates, and incentives. Make sure the solar price you receive includes all rebates and incentives added to the total price.

Price makes a difference when it comes to investing in a better future. While you can’t put a price on solar power, you can put a good solar price on your roof or property.


Always review your solar installer’s certifications.

Ask to provide proof of being a Premium Installer.

Make sure all rebates and incentives have been added to the solar price.

For more information from a Panasonic Premium Installer call 210-829-5420.

You see solar panels popping up all around your neighborhood, so how much does a solar panel cost?

Finding out your total solar panel cost will depend on the following various factors:

First, your home’s yearly kilowatt use. You can find this on your monthly electricity bills. Then, your solar energy consultant is able to design a solar project estimate. That solar estimate will be based on how much electricity you currently use in your home. Which will affect the solar System size based on your yearly Kilowatt current usage. 

Another important factor is how much sun your roof gets. You may not produce enough solar power if your home gets very little sun, because there’s something blocking it.

Now lets talk about the actual material which is a solar panel and inverter, which also affect cost. There’ s different brands of solar panels to choose from.

One we strongly recommend is Panasonic HIT. It is the most efficient panel we offer and it comes with a 25 year warranty. 

Visit our Shop

You may have to pay more for this quality of solar panels. Also, which solar inverter you choose to install. A solar inverter is what powers your home when you go solar. It is what changes direct current power into the alternating current power.

A big factor of solar panel cost is if you want a battery, to store all your energy. Other costs are labor, installation paperwork, permits, or checkups fees. But most solar companies include this in the solar panel cost

There are factors that will help reduce your overall  project costs. Check for any available solar rebates and incentives from the government and local energy providers. Which can speed up your return on investment.

Right now, there’s the 26% Tax Credit that the government offers for home’s that switch to solar energy.

You know a smart solar investment will give your family clean power and energy savings for 25 years or more. South Texas Solar Systems Inc. has been designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems professionally in South Texas since in 2007.

We’re here to support you through every stage of ownership. 

Find out how much solar panel installation will cost in 2020. If you’d like to receive a free quote from qualified solar installer in Texas, Click Here.

You still don’t fully believe in a home solar system, but you are warming up to the idea?

Okay, that was a bad joke. We’ve all heard a bad joke or even jokes, but what do we know about bad things about a home solar system?

You’re probably thinking, Why would I believe in a home solar system now? 

Because with every good product there can be a bad pre-production or post-production dilemma. Bad things come in all shapes in sizes, for instance, a bad solar presentation from a sales representative. Now, not only have you spent time and interest in going solar, but have been presented false or unlikely information to move forward with the purchase of a home solar system. 

Have you ever seen a stage clown perform a bad performance? How about dress in a poor costume? A bad solar presentation can be like a bad clown performer having no practice, unprepared, and unknowledgeable. 

A bad thing about a home solar system is the way it can be presented. When solar was new to our market, representatives made sales, some, unfortunately, on bad terms. Meaning you didn’t receive proper instructions on what to expect during and after install, you didn’t receive proper information on how the Federal Tax Credit for solar works or you didn’t receive a warranty when service or maintenance is needed. 

Presentations on a home solar system should never be over one hour unless discussing a commercial solar system installation. Presentations on a home solar system are an important part of your decision making. 

A bad presentation can lead to a bad purchase. 

Get to know your solar representative. Ask for references. Look out for bad solar presentations.

So you’re ready to go solar but aren’t sure what model of solar panels to purchase. Easy, if you are looking for a familiar brand, such as Panasonic you’d likely choose Panasonic solar panels. Question is, why? 

Panasonic has been recognized as a leader in sustainability for nine consecutive years and continues to grow in the renewable energy sector. According to the website on na.panasonic.com, “[Panasonic has] been a pioneer in solar photovoltaic panels, electric vehicle batteries and data center battery-backup solutions, as well as new technologies like hydrogen fuel cells.” 

Here’s a quick overview. Solar produces energy to power your home, but did you know the hotter the day the better Panasonic panels will perform. If you live in a region with temperatures reaching 90 to 100 degrees, “Along with module efficiency, the temperature coefficient is one of the most important specifications to compare when shopping for solar panels,” according to Panasonic’s literature. This is why the Panasonic solar panels HIT is a popular choice when purchasing a solar panel system. 

The temperature coefficient in solar panels is important to research especially if living in south Texas. Hot temperatures arrive more annually than not. 

As Panasonic likes to put it “Not all solar panels are created equal.” That is true, they are not all made equal.

Panasonic provides a secondary choice for aesthetics, such as the Panasonic solar panels black series AC Module. “N330E Black Series AC Module combines the efficiency of HIT solar panels with the intelligence of Enphase microinverters,” as stated on na.panasonic.com. These microinverters are integrated with HIT solar technology and deliver maximum power production.

So you’re ready to go solar and considering choosing Panasonic solar panels, that’s great! Be sure to get installed by an Authorized or Premium Installer to receive Panasonic’s Triple Guard Warranty.

For more information on Solar Panels call 210-829-5420. 

Do you remember Clint Eastwood in The Good, the bad, and the ugly? Just reading this might put the theme song in your head. If not, you might be a millennial who knows the Stranger Things theme song instead, and that’s okay! But without a theme song this blog is about the good, the bad, and the ugly things about solar in today’s modern renewable energy world. So while we don’t live in a time with western shoot outs or creatures destroying our shopping malls, we do live with good, bad, and ugly things about solar. 

Let’s focus on the goodness that we receive from the largest ball of gas known to humanity, the sun. It started with our capabilities to use the sun to make fire, which helped humans cook, stay warm (during inclement weather) and make tools. The good thing about solar then is it helped guide us to other resourceful uses now. Notice solar has brought us to a new consumer market in renewable energy with solar panel systems. Take a look at our renewable energy patterns today in south Texas. In 2018, Texas was ranked as NO. 4 in the nation as solar created renewable energy at “994.21 MW in 2018”, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) website on Texas Solar. 

Solar is a renewable energy source that will never go away and the good thing about that is it is a free resource. You can use the sun’s power to power your home, good thing you can purchase solar equipment to get you there.

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